Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: THE HUNT

BOO!…for those of you somehow managing to read this (I think that my movie review page is still up and Adam). As you may have seen, I’ve deactivated all my social accounts because as Arthur Fleck would say (I can’t believe I’m fucking quoting Joker) “Is it me…or is it just getting crazier out there?” That and I am not in a very good place mentally with all these films being delayed, as Kristoff from Frozen would say, except I’m replacing the word ICE, “Film is my life!” But, I braved the overcautious storm (I’m taking COVID-19 seriously, but probably still not as serious as I should) and went and saw the already delayed from September of last year due to Trump tweeting and being a fucking moron as he’s always been, THE HUNT. The Hunt was delayed mainly because it turned into a controversial film back in September 2019 because of two mass shooting thathad just taken place at the time, and Trump had to tweet about the movie because it is political satire in nature, and that orange cocksucker just can’t seem to keep his dumb fucking mouth shut and hadn’t even seen it yet. The Hunt isn’t that controversial. It’s a fucking political satire that is completely neutral. It caters to both sides and makes jokes on both sides of the political coin. It even has a funny as fuck little twist that changes everything in the end. As for me, I had a lot of fun with the film especially whenever Betty Gilpin was on screen, her character and her demeanor, especially at this time in the world, kicked a whole bunch of ass and was completely “applaud in the theater” kind of worthy. And I hate politics, but I laughed at all the jokes. I know a lot of you probably will refuse to go to the theaters right about now, so this recommendation is for when it hits on demand in the next several months.

Anyway, to try not and spoil stuff as much as I can, I’ll just say that the plot is basically what you saw in trailers in the theater/online or on TV spots at home. A group of rich people, led by Hilary Swank, kidnap and hunt a group of poor people, Betty Gilpin (Netflix’s Glow), being the smartest of the bunch. Or is that what is really going on? The movie has a late game twist that changes what you think and saw, yet not really. It’s hard to explain without spoiling it, but I don’t even want to do a spoiler paragraph this review, I’m going to either A. make you wise up and go to the movies or B. make you watch it when you get home. Although, who am I kidding really, as the whole synopsis is probably already spoiled on Reddit or some other website. But if you have any interest, watch it fresh like I did. You’ll have more fun. Also, as you’ve seen in marketing, there are a shit ton of familiar faces in this. I can warn you though, please don’t get too attached to them, as more than half of them get killed in unique and violent ways before the 1st act is even completed. And the movie has a unique way of making you feel differently about them long after they are dead (has to do with the twist). You have B and C list celebs like Emma Roberts, Justin Hartley (that sexy brother on This Is Us), Glenn Howerton (Dennis on It’s Always Sunny, Ike Barinholtz, etc. I have a feeling some of their work on this was less than an hour. But I can imagine they had a load of fun subverting audiences expectations. In fact, if you watch this film and think about it, there are really maybe only a handful of set pieces. But that is Blumhouse productions for you. They know how to make films really really fucking cheap.

I laughed at the political satire (which was over the top as fuck but the movie managed to keep it believable), there were a couple of tense moments, I jumped in my seat when some celebrities head was blown off, and the final fight scene between Hilary Swank and Betty Gilpin was fucking fun as fuck to watch. It was co-written by Damon Lindelof, and while he still gets shit for the end of Lost, Prometheus and the Kahn bullshit in Star Trek Into Darkness, lately, with The Leftovers and Watchmen on HBO, he has redeemed himself a bit. It was nice seeing his tongue in cheek here without the missteps of his previous films. It was a good time at the movies, especially when Bloodshot tonight might be my final theatrical experience for awhile (don’t worry, will still review the dribble that gets released on Netflix, Hulu, Prime, and Disney + over the next couple of months). Writing this review has really helped me a little mentally. It’s been a pretty depressing and dark 24 hrs. But I’ve managed to put a few pieces of me back together, enough to write this review for you, which ya’ll won’t be going to the movies, so I guess my review is your entertainment? Hopefully…maybe? Just know that I appreciate you reading this if you are. My social media will still remain dark for quite some time, I don’t know when I’ll be “officially” back. If ever. But unofficially, with my reviews, I’m here. You, at the time of the post, can know I’m still alive, haven’t killed myself and maybe rest easy in not trying to hunt me down via text or phone call to make sure I’m okay. I’m…okay. Prepare for reviews all weekend. The show must go on.

P.S. By the way, if you put thoughts and prayers under the comment section on my Film Review Page or my wife’s page, or try to text me that shit, I will hunt you down and kill you myself. You know you do that just to fucking hear yourself talk and give yourselves a pat on the back for being “concerned.” Fuck you. Just be satisfied I posted something and read my review for The Hunt. Don’t be a cunt.


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