Diane’s Delightful Movie Reviews: CRAZY RICH ASIANS (no spoilers)

Like I’ve told you before, for all of you, my wife Diane likes doing a quick review of the movies that are geared more toward the opposite sex so that I don’t always rip my claws into them all the time. So I proudly present my wife’s review of CRAZY RICH ASIANS:

Crazy Rich Asians is crazy awesome! It’s a great romantic comedy the likes of which they do not make any more. Not since the days of Reese Witherspoon and Matthew McConaughey has there been a more classic romantic comedy. It covers all bases, from the silly best friend with good advice, to the ex- that wants to get back together, and the cliché wardrobe closet montage scene where the characters play dress up.

The guys are nice to look at. The performances are great. And the characters are relateable so that you root for them. The tone is lighthearted so it does not leave you emotionally drained. All around, it’s a good time that keeps your attention and make you want to watch it again and again and again.

ZACH’S TWO CENTS: Diane is right, this is a really good movie, and they really don’t make these old classic rom-coms like they use to anymore. Everything that we get now is all millenial-ized and too over the top with completely unbelievable situations, overacting performances, with bombastic climaxes. This movie keeps it very simple. Sure, it is a tried and true formula that has been done a thousand times before, but when the new formula is an unwanted pest that just won’t leave, sometimes something old is something new again. The set up is clear and cliche: a crazy rich Asian man that currently resides in New York takes his long time Asian girlfriend, a regular college theory professor, to Singapore because he is the best man at a friends wedding there and he wants her to meet his parents. Does he plan on popping the question afterwards? Does a bear shit in the woods? So yes, you’ve heard it all before, and that set up would be in both the old classic rom com formula and the newer one, but there is a huge difference. Here is an example: the new millenial-lized rom com would have the main character crashing into a cake, which crashes into two people holding an ice sculpture that crashes into the wedding DJ’s set, that crashes all over the food and completely ruins the in-laws outfits or something to that unrealistic nature. This movie? Nope, not that kind of scene here, in fact the girl, played to note perfection by Contance Wu, does almost all the right things, except for one little case of mistaken identity that lasts only 3 seconds and she spills wine on her boyfriends shirt at another point in the film. Everything that happens is completely predictable, only this time it is refreshing to not roll your eyes to the ridiculousness of it all. Think of classic rom-coms in the 80s and 90s. If you miss those and are sick of the new shit, Crazy Rich Asians is the cure.


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