Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: LOVESICK (2014) ((movie, not the Netflix series)) (((and spoiler free!)))

Ok, I got three movie reviews to write while I have this work “internet down” break at work so let’s get to it (if you must know I am writing these on Microsoft Word and will post them when the internet is back up). If I ever watch something on Netflix, Hulu, what have you from now on and I haven’t seen it before and if it’s not a recent release, I still am going to start to review them. However, maybe not as long as my other reviews since the movies are older and you have probably already seen them. So I caught a film I had heard of for a little bit called LOVESICK starring Friends’ Matt LeBlanc and Final Destination’s Ali Larter. I was interested, but it left quickly from my mind until I saw it on Netflix this weekend, and since I was taking care of Grayson alone and he was asleep on my chest I decided “what the hell?” and hit play.

When Lovesick was first released, it was direct to video/rent, and usually those films are subpar or even worse, terrible. Well, Lovesick is a little better than subpar (but just a little bit, it isn’t Better Watch Out greatness far that should’ve been in the theater), and the reason for that being it is a concept that hasn’t been truly explored up to the max. I think with a bigger budget, a little bit of a longer run time, some more bankable stars, and some more zany shit happening and this could’ve been easily a theatrical release. But I would definitely recommend it when you are surfing through Netflix on a boring afternoon.

A real quick synopsis is that Matt LeBlanc plays Charlie Darby, a principal at a school. He is a really nice guy and all the teachers and students love him and couldn’t wish for a better principal. There is just one problem, he is really, really unlucky in love. And the reason for that being, that even though he is a nice guy, once a relationship starts, he goes fucking psychotic with jealousy. To him, everything is a clue to infidelity and he goes to extremes to prove his theories (even though they are false). Which of course, makes the women that he’s dating not want to be with him. So after recently just being dumped, he swears he is going to date women that don’t interest him. That lasts really, really short, as the next day he meets Molly Kingston (Larter), who he finds an immediate connection with, after meeting her and finding out that her nephew goes to his school.

The first date is fantastic, but then ever so slightly and then straight to the extreme, his jealousy rage kicks into full gear, with him wondering who an XL sweater is for when she gets a souvenir on a vacation they get together, or trying to figure out if she is really visiting her sick grandmother in Vegas, etc.. The lengths he goes to are absolutely multiple forehead slap worthy, and sometimes I could barely still look at the screen with what he was doing. Matt LeBlanc actually does a great job here of trying to shed his “Joey” image that will be with him unfortunately forever. He plays the nice guy very well and when he goes into jealousy mode, he does a great full 180 with his acting. The scenes where he tries to get Ali Larter’s nephew basically spy on her are cringe worthy. I just wish there was more zany shit and maybe another 15 minutes added to the film, could’ve been so much more bat shit crazy.

Ali Larter is okay, but this isn’t really her showcase. She unfortunately has the role of “ahhh shucks the jealousy thing is bothering me but I like you too much to leave you” role. It doesn’t really challenge her as an actress, but with a better script it could have. But she is fine with what she was given.  I also would’ve liked to see the guy that plays Matt LeBlanc’s friend (Adam Rodriguez) that narrates the movie and knows his best friend is crazy have a little bit more to the with the grand scheme of things. Like I said, a tighter and more meaty screenplay could’ve solved on that.

One more thing, Chevy Chase is in this for three short scenes, and his role could’ve completely been cut and they added more stuff for Larter or Adam Rodriguez to do. It’s like they picked him up off the street and asked him to be in this to get more “star” recognition. Do they not realize that Chevy Chase hasn’t been bankable since the 80s? This review is already too long. So I’ll end it by saying it is a barely passable watch on Netflix, still deserves to be in that direct to video category, but it is better than a lot of garbage that is in the same ballpark.


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