Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: EVERY DAY (spoiler free!)

EVERY DAY is one of the high concept movies wrapped in a teen film. The obvious advantage to this is that they usually turn out better than your ‘average’ teen films filled with whiny brats crying about their relationships, drama, blah blah blah, something something 3rd world problems. Every Day is about a guy/girl/entity that every day wakes up in a new body, usually around the same age, a reasonably close distance away depending on where the previous person ended up the night before. This guy/girl/entity ends up falling in love with one of the girlfriends of a guy he inhabits. He/she/it decides to try and pursue something with her, even though he/she/it is going to end up in a different body everyday.

Ok, I’m tired of typing he/she/it, so since this person falls in love with a girl, I am going to call him a he from now and, and use his name in the film, which is just the letter A. Hope you aren’t butthurt about it. But anyway, this movie is much better than it should be due to the high concept. The movie is a short, tight, 95 minutes, and the movie only does two things that kind of bugged me. Without going into spoilers again because when I say spoiler free, I mean it God damn it, there is a character they introduce, sort of, earlier in the film, that ends up making more of an appearance near the end. And I didn’t figure out that we had met the person before without some context clues the film uses when this character comes back at the end. When I figured it out, I was thinking, “ohhhhhhhhhhhhh that person!….why didn’t they have just a few more appearances of him/her? Would’ve made this part have a little more sense.”

The other, which is not so much a spoiler since it happens a little before the halfway point of the film, is that A tries to prove to the young lady that he is telling the truth about his predicament, only to inhabit her body randomly one of the days we follow his life, and instead of having the whole movie where she just trusts her gut and believes him, he takes over her body one of the days, ultimately proving it. I would’ve liked to just keep that trusting with the forefront, because him inhabiting her body feels like a cheap way out even though what he does in her body further develops other plot points. But those things are just minor complaints.

I’m not saying this is a masterpiece or a great movie by any means. Definitely not going to buy it but I have to admit, it kept my attention and it didn’t treat the audiences as if they were teenage morons. There are plenty of ways this movie could’ve ended. I thought of endless possibilities and with each one I was thinking, “If the movie goes this way, it will lose me,” or “If the movie goes this way, I’m walking out of the theater.” But no, the movie goes the way and ends the way the only way it should’ve. I appreciated that. The fact that Every Day actually captured my attention more than most teenage films deserves some praise.

The movie is also a little above par because of the acting. The boys/girls that this movie hired to basically play two parts, the mindset of A and then their regular personalities, are believable and actually quite good. If this thing didn’t have decent acting, it would’ve lost all of its credibility. There are always several threads of each theatrical film that barely separate it from a cinema release, to straight to on demand. The acting in this movie kept it out of the on demand ballpark of release.

So if you are a teenager reading this, or in your twenties or thirties and still love those “teenager” films of your youth, this is one rare one that I can recommend to you that won’t fry your brain to mush. The film deals with love and heartache, but it also deals with teenage angst, suicide, and morality as well without going too into the melodramatic zone. The dialogue actually feels a little real in this. I don’t think I heard one teenager go “like, oh my God” in this movie, and considering that I almost hear that every day in the real world, I gotta give this movie a little bit of credit for giving me a little bit of a break.


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