Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: MAYHEM

So I watched a film the other day that was released really limited in November, hence no theatres were showing it nearby, hence didn’t get around to it till now thats its out on home disc. MAYHEM is basically Office Space meets  Battle Royale meets The Walking Dead meets The Belko Experiment, which is funny because it stars Steven Yeun, who played Glenn on The Walking Dead. It’s about a virus that spreads throughout this office complex that causes the employees there to act out their wildest impules…which namely means violence and beating and killing the utter shit out of each other. It’s a pretty cool, violent, entertaining as hell, funny, and a tight 90 minutes you are likely to even enjoy on repeat viewings. It rings in the new year with a bloody bang.

Steven Yeun stars as a elite executive who works in this law office complex, and he is fired for something he didn’t do. Right before security is about to boot his ass out, a quarantine by the government hits the building, and he has 8 hours before the cure can be fully pumped into the buildings systems and take effect on people to go all the way up to the top and place revenge on the people that were sending him to the unemployment line. The plot isn’t complicated for this film, and it isn’t meant to be complicated. It sets everything up to make a plausible and fun way to watch people beat and kill each other in interesting fashion.

The villains are cookie cutter here, but in a good way. They are introduced quickly and efficiently with only one real personality: for the audience to hate them so much that you cannot wait for them to be butchered and maimed for the masses. The movie even takes some cool approaches, having part of the film be what Molly’s Game is the entire time, being a narrator “show and tell” type of experience. Yeun is almost in every frame, he tells the audience how it is in the building and who does what, and you feel for him, so by the time he goes bug nuts crazy for revenge, you want him to have it and it puts a smile on your face when you get it.

Steven Yeun has never been better. He had acting chops on The Walking Dead, but this film really tests his range, and he passes with flying colors. The true though standout in this film though, an actress that is going to have a huge career based off of this and The Babysitter (check it out on Netflix, it is great and she is the best part of it), would be Samara Waving (niece of Hugo Weaving, who plays Agent Smith in The Matrix films). She steals every scene she is in. She plays a client that Steven Yeun has to reject from keeping her house after the inability to pay. When her and Yeun join forces is when the movie really picks up and is utterly fantastic. She has that range of crazy that you would think she couldn’t up the ante of it in each and every following scene, but she does it effortlessly. She’s worth the price of a rental alone.

The whole movie is worth the price of a rental. The kills are awesome and the revenge is a great cold dish. It’s even worth the $8 buy I got for it on a daily deal on Amazon. I would totally watch this film again and again. It is just bloody fun, even more so than The Belko Experiment was. I think these films are made because everybody in a office setting has probably imagined beating the shit out of one of their annoying co-workers. This movie lets you escape reality without committing a utterly horrible and terrible crime. We can enjoy it while breathing a sigh of relief that we get to avoid utter mayhem in real life.



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