THREE BILLBOARDS OUTSIDE EBBING, MISSOURI is not only one of the year’s best films, it deserves all the Oscar buzz and attention it is getting. It is an incredibly original film that makes you think, feel, and completely enthralling to watch. This feature film is Martin McDonough’s third (his other two are the incredible In Bruges, and the pretty good Seven Psychopaths) and he is still on a role. He takes his time writing and directing another film, and it is a tactic that a lot of filmmakers should follow (Tarantino does and we all knows how great his films are too). This is a movie that any film buff is required to see, as it is that rare form of art that gives so many messages across while doing it in a very unique way. I loved this film, and can’t wait to watch it again.

This movie has been marketed to hell, so if you haven’t seen a trailer you probably don’t go to the movies all that often. It is about a woman, played to perfection by the incredible Frances McDormand, who puts up three billboards that ask the local police why they haven’t done more to locate the perpetrator of her daughter’s rape and murder seven months prior. The billboards mainly out the town’s local sheriff, played by Woody Harrelson, who should have won an Academy Award by now, and the police department he works for. The town itself and everyone’s lives go into a tailspin after she puts up these billboards, with people dealing with racism, sexism, inner turmoil, and redemption. And I loved the films ending, as it doesn’t go the Hollywood route, and is the perfect amount of ambigiousness that motion pictures need more of nowadays.

I’ve already pinpointed Frances McDormand’s performance, but the other standout performance that is likely to also get a Oscar nomination is from the very underrated Sam Rockwell, who plays one of the police department’s racist cops. He is the most layered character in the film and his arc goes to places that not even the most qualified movie buff could predict. His performance and story will surprise you.

Although the trailer is comedic in tone, make no mistake, this is mainly a drama with moments of comedy (you don’t see all the comedy in the trailer thank God). And I love how the film really isn’t a who dun it as much as it is a character study of complicated people and why they do certain things. It is incredible. The films is about two hours and it flies by the seat of your pants, and you wish you could stay in these character’s lives just a little bit longer. Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell are certainly my top choices to win Academy Awards this year, and if Dunkirk doesn’t win Best Picture, I wouldn’t mind if this one instead.

I’ve told you all to go see Coco this weekend and I remain true to that. Families should go see Coco, and more families that are in adult age that love movies should go see Three Billboards, especially if you are really into awards season as this will be nominated for a shit ton of things. In Bruges is still my favorite film of Martin McDonough even though this is more of a reward darling than that one was, but Three Billboards is still solid as a rock and a masterpiece of its own. I love original tales, and this movie is the reason why I still haven’t given up on originality in Hollywood. A spectacular film.


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