THE MAN WHO INVENTED CHRISTMAS is a very noble effort in trying to do something with A Christmas Carol that isn’t straight up remaking it, but still kind of is, and the result is okay…but still kind of boring. The mad rush energy you see in the marketing of this film, if you’ve watched the trailer, doesn’t translate to the screen, instead it is kind of a slow burn with a few little dashes of energy that are unfortunately short lived.

Although it is a little bit interesting how Dicken’s real life woe’s translated to him writing A Christmas Carol so well. And the acting by Dan Stevens (who ladies still swoon over) is quite good. For me though, like any other adaptation of A Christmas Carol (except for Scrooge, Bill Murray makes it completely re-watchable), this is a one and done affair, never to watch it again, but it doesn’t mean it was truly terrible.

I don’t need to explain much of the plot of this film. Charles Dickens has had a couple of flops and needs money fast. It is mid October and he thinks he can come up with a story about Christmas in 6 weeks to print and distribute. Trying to sort through his woes of past and present, he uses real life experiences to create the classic A Christmas Carol. And that’s about it, you get a retelling of A Christmas Carol in the process just in case the entire story isn’t already seeped into your head.

Dan Stevens (the Beast in the new live action Beauty and the Beast) saves this film from being a complete and entire bore. He is invested in playing Dickens and it shows that he wanted the role and knew that he was good at it. The acting is good all around, including Christopher Plummer, who probably should’ve played Scrooge instead of Jim Carrey in Robert Zemekick’s retelling motion capture film we got about a decade ago.

The direction is good and the screenplay is tight, I was just bored. It was just boring to me I think because I know the story like the back of my hand, and it didn’t add anything to make me perk up and stay awake. I would only recommend this movie if you are a die hard A Christmas Carol enthusiast and can’t wait to read it each and every Christmas. I’ve read a little background work on Dickens and it seemed like they didn’t pull any of his real life woe’s out of their ass, which is commendable, but I’m just tired of all the adaptations, I’m getting to the point where I’m about to say ba-humbug.


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