Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: ALL I SEE IS YOU

ALL I SEE IS YOU has a interesting concept, good acting (especially considering Blake Lively is in it) and is a visual feast on the eyes…which unfortunately also has a very poor execution of that concept and all the visual flair completely tries to hid the fact that the movie is quite boring and doesn’t have a very good story structure.  We already know that just visuals don’t make a movie (see any Michael Bay movie almost ever) And I should mention that you can’t just have concept either. Only concept does not make a movie and many filmmakers have experienced this plight. So is this movie bad? Not exactly. But it could’ve been so much more and because of that notion, it will get completely lost in the crowd to where if anyone ever mentions the title, scratching heads will soon follow.

All I See Is You is about a pretty much one second from being totally blind woman with her husband living somewhere in China and she gets the opportunity to get complete sight back in one of her eyes (she wasn’t blind from birth, a car accidental involving her parents made her almost totally blind). Once she gets the surgery and it works, their marriage starts to unravel as she sees and experiences things she wouldn’t normally see when blind. I do admit that this is an interesting concept. Heck, it would make one hell of a thriller if done correctly. However this is more of a psychodrama that only has fat and not much meat on its bones.

The visual flair I was talking about earlier is that we see the world at times through Blake Lively character’s eyes, which turns out, since she isn’t totally totally blind, kind of like a weird permanent Pollack painting. It is beautiful, and like I said, if done in a thriller it could’ve built a lot of tension and had some good real jump scares. Here, it’s just like Marc Forster is screaming “Look what I can do!” and just bukakying all in our faces. Don’t want to get into any spoilers, but once she gets the surgery and their marriage starts to unravel, it doesn’t unravel in a very interesting way. And the movie tries to play off certain things we knew were happening as twists, which is just treating the audiences as if we didn’t know what we were watching. A little bit insulting.

The acting is good here, with Blake Lively giving one of her best performances and Jason Clarke doesn’t his underrated thing he doesn’t seem to mind doing. And I did appreciate that they did hint how Jason Clarke’s character might be a tiny bit unhinged before his wife got her surgery. But the fact that everything could’ve been solved with a sit down conversation is frustrating. And the fact that neither character is really likable. Blake Lively’s character is very  sympathetic at the beginning, but then she gets her surgery, starts to act differently that seems ungrateful, and then she does something in the third act to completely ruin any amount of sympathy she had garnered at the beginning of the film.

Marc Forster is a talented director. He made Finding Neverland, Stranger Than Fiction, The Kite Runner, Monster’s Ball, and some would even chock World War Z to a somewhat liable success. But he has had his clunkers. He also made Quantum of Solace (some would agree this is the worst Bond film ever made), Machine Gun Preacher, and another visual film with no substance, Stay. I wouldn’t necessarily say this is a clunker, but it is definitely doesn’t reaches even near the highs of any of the films at the top of this paragraph. A shrug worthy effort that is not likely to ruin any careers.


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