Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE

So this is the other brutal movie I saw last night. Well, brutal in a different way. Brutal in the sense that it was very, very hard to watch. And not just Amy Schumer’s scenes (yes, she is in this, look at the credits on the poster), I’m talking about being brutal watching the story of soldiers coming back from their tour of duty in Afganistan and having major, life threatening PTSD. I should point out that the movie didn’t suck brutally either. It is actually quite good, with another solid standout performance from Miles Teller. But I could never watch this movie again. And the title is appropriate. Seeing what some of them half to go through, not only PTSD wise but also trying to get help getting back into normal life, anyone who has been in the military , anyone who has ever served. I really, truly THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE.

This movie is very very depressing. And even though I can only watch it once I would say it is required viewing when you can see it, only to see what some individuals in the military have to go through when coming back from a war zone. The movie hits deep, even though I’m sure there are worse situations for some veterans other than what the three main characters went through, what they go through here is weighing on my mind. And be warned, this isn’t a war film at all. We barely spend time with them, maybe 10 minutes in an hour and 50 minute run time, in the war zone, this is all aftermath.

And it’s not a anti-war film either, which some people are misrepresenting. It’s a “we need to do better as a country to help our military once they get home” type of film. The film is screaming, “we aren’t doing enough.” And if even half of what is shown on screen is happening with our veterans, I completely agree, we aren’t doing near shit enough to help. The story is completely about three men who come home to Iraq with several PTSD and three different situations. Our main protagonist Adam, played by Miles teller, comes home to a wife and two children, one a newborn, who had a mishap saving someone’s life in Iraq. Another soldier, comes back home, but wants to get back out there as soon as possible, even though he has a wife who wants a child and he is starting to lose his memory. And the last trooper comes home to find that his fiance has left him and cleaned him dry.

All three stories are heartbreaking and feel true. Then again, it is based on a true story so I don’t know why it wouldn’t have been. The way they deal with their PTSD is at some times really hard to watch, and you just hope in the end each one of them get through it okay.

And while the movie is good, I want to talk about the elephant in the room (metaphorically not physically you butthurters) and that would be Amy Schumer. She is in this movie, but she is not in any of the trailers and the only way you would know that she is in this is reading the credits on the poster. She is so awkward in this, playing the wife of a dead soldier, that I literally cringed every time I saw her or she opened her mouth. While she is hardly in the film, maybe less than 10 minutes (and I have a feeling there are a lot of her scenes on the cutting room floor) Amy Schumer cannot act in a drama. Some would say she can’t act at all. I think she is fine in comedies, but as a grieving widow, she was so distracting. Especially when they try to hide her with a brunette wig. This movie proves that I can’t take Amy Schumer seriously.

Other than that, Thank You For Your Service is haunting, but a good wake up call to what our troops sometimes have to go through. I would say a once required viewing. I’m sure there are other PTSD military films out there to watch, but this one is more recent, so it hits home a little bit more. This weekend, all theaters are offering free tickets to veterans and current military personnel. If you are reading my review and are one of those brave soldiers, I would suggest using that free ticket to go and see this film. It’s a wake up call that we who are living the free life because of honorable people like you, we need to help you all more. Much, much more.


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