Zach’s Zany Zippy TV Binge Watchin’ Reviews #2: MARVEL’S IRON FIST

I love and I sort of don’t like what Marvel is doing with this TV binge watchin’ cinematic universe. I love the first two seasons of Daredevil and Jessica Jones, but I didn’t really care for any of Luke Cage until the final three episodes, the rest was mundane and kind of boring. I think the main problem lies in that I don’t really think any of these need to be 13 episode seasons. I think somewhere between 8 to 10 would suffice. That is what they are doing with the “whole team of of all of these” The Defenders series, only being 8, which I have huge confidence in. It seems like it might be a tight interesting tale that doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. And even though I said I love Daredevil and Jessica Jones, they almost overstay their welcome by two to three episodes.

So the real question is: Where does MARVEL’S IRON FIST fit into this spectrum? Easily between Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. I’d say about a little more than half of Iron Fist is very compelling, has a better story using the villain group The Fist than Daredevil did, and some of the action scenes (like the entirety of Episode Six directed by RZA) are really tense and engaging. But the other “little less than half?” First of all, I can’t stand the character of Danny Rand. And it has nothing to do with the so called “white washing” controversy of the character. Even if the character was cast with an Asian actor, Danny Rand is one dumb motherfucker.  I don’t know if he’s smart in the comics are not, but in this, the writers just made him a dumb little poor boy rich kid that has some “somebody killed my parents so I’m going to kill them” issues. Almost all of the shit he is surprised by anyone else could’ve seen coming a mile away and then he whines whenever he figures it out. Also, he has this power of *cough* an Iron Fist, but the entire season he summons it like 3 to 4 times? The story excuses that he can’t summon it because he isn’t one with his chi. Yeah, I get it, you write that in because if he had his fist working the whole time he could kick anyone’s ass and the story would be over. But when you keep nailing that particular nail over and over the audiences head, we start laughing, because we know it is bullshit.

Also, the story really overstays it’s welcome at points. There’s a curveball with The Hand, that while cool, should’ve come about two episodes earlier. At the very end of the series, very very end, it throws a curveball to two of the characters we actually cared for and puts a cliffhanger on it that doesn’t make any sense. And the true villain of the series doesn’t become really villainy until the last two episodes. Would’ve been better if it had staged some more points of evil-doing through out. The last episode is very anti climatic where the one before it would’ve done well to end the first season there.

Anyway, it sounds like I am bashing this hard, and I guess I am, but I really did enjoy this at parts and it is completely better than Luke Cage. The action and fighting and hand to hand combat are all there and good. The supporting characters such as Ward and Joy Meachum, Colleen Wing, Rosario Dawson’s Claire, Madame Wing, Bakuto, Devos, and Carre Anne Moss’s lawyer are all strong and completely make up for the fact that Danny Rand is a dumb ass. Finn Jones is a good actor. There wasn’t a time that I thought he was over doing it, it is just the writers fault for writing him as such a pussy. And damn it, I wanted to see that iron fist in action more. For a show called that, we should see it at least once an episode.

So in conclusion, Iron Fist would’ve been a fantastic 8 compacted episodes. Instead we get a really stretched out 13 that while compelling in parts, is cheesy and overdone in others. And I wish the main characters wasn’t such a douchebag. But I like that The First is becoming a really cool evil big gang of people that I think would be a good challenge for The Defenders to fight together on. They just need to make all of these season’s shorter. Even 13 episodes is too much here, and it would be wise to maybe do a Stranger Thing’s type condensed 8. But I’ll continue will Marvel’s TV Universe overall…as long as we don’t get another Luke Cage Season 1. Sorry but I didn’t care for it. Loved the actors and acting in that, but hated the overall story and pace.


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