Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: COME TO DADDY (On Demand)(no spoilers)

No, I’m not reviewing porn. I’m not talking about cliched sex positions or those kinds of money shots. COME TO DADDY is a horror film that stars Elijah Wood that sort of switches genres exactly half way through the film and then once more right at the very end. And it completely works. The film is also gleefully violent. I can stress it enough: VERY…VERY VIOLENT. There are gruesome stabbings combined with some good ol’ fashioned body horror they will make you scream out while watching or at the very least cringe a little bit on your couch. It’s a short and quick 95 minute film that is engrossing from the very beginning, and never lets up. It has a couple of secrets up its sleeve, and even though I guessed what was going on at the beginning, narrative wise it still makes for an interesting feature, and the little secrets of just how violent it is just keeps on giving until the last scene. You don’t get many movies like this anymore, nice little film that stick around an hour and a half, that don’t contain many cast members or locations, nice low budget stuff. It feels refreshing comparing it to all the superhero, sequel, reboot, remake, re-do, soft reboot mess we get nowadays. It’s very rare to hear the phrase “less is more” with films nowadays. But that is exactly what this film accomplishes.

The premise without getting into any spoilers, because some of the fun of this is discovering what is happening on your own even if you guess correctly, is that a man in his 30’s, played by Elijah Wood, get a letter from his father, who he hasn’t seen since he was 5 years old, asking him to come to where he currently lives so that they can reconnect. Once he gets to his destination (which is right at the very first 5 minutes of the film) things just keep getting weirder, and weirder, and weirder, and then once the couple of twists and turns happen about mid way through the film, things just keep getting gleefully bloodier, and bloodier, and bloodier. And I had a massive amount of fun with it all. I think I’m been getting a good dose of Elijah Wood lately. Just last week I watched another little film with him in it that was barely in theaters called Grand Piano, which co-starred John Cusack and co-written by Damien Chazzelle before he got famous with Whiplash and La La Land. Like this, that is a short 90 minute film with limited locations and the premise was that Wood plays a great pianist that when he starts a new concert appearance after being absent from the limelight half a decade, he opens his music and what is written on the page chills him to the bone, “you play one wrong note and you die.” It was basically Phone Booth, but “Piano Booth” but it was pretty damn entertaining for what is was, and I was more than happy to had only spent about $3 on VUDU to own it.

I blindly spent about $9 on this (because A. good reviews and B. you can see it limited at the Alamo Drafthouse right now and they’re ticket price is $14. Seriously, why would I come to a theater and watch it once than save $5 dollars, gas, a probable headache being around other people, and I can just own it and watch it cheaper in the comfort of my own home?) and I’m more than happy I did. I would definitely check it out again. Especially for the comedic and bloody second half. There is a character in this that calls himself a Tittyholic because he is obsessed with boobs. If that makes you chuckle, then you are in for a smile or two. And the only reason why I easily guessed what was going on, and why you probably won’t, is because I saw a certain name in the cast list that I was familiar of, and since this person hadn’t shown up yet, I knew there was much more to it and easily started to piece shit together. The writer/director Ant Timpson hasn’t done much, he has produced a bunch of indie shit like Turbo Kid and wrote and some segments for The ABCs of Death films, but other than this, this is his first big (for him) sort of project. But it’s very well filmed and he gets a fantastic performance out of Elijah Wood. I heard he is also good in the remake of Maniac, which I’m probably now obliged to check out. Elijah Wood probably knew that Lord of the Rings would be his epic peak with his Hollywood career. Instead of keeping up the franchise game he’s been in a little or this and a little of that, but really small independent projects, and it is some of the best work he’s done. I hope he keeps it coming (pun to this movie intended).


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