HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: THE HIDDEN WORLD, to be blatant, is very simple and harmless. After watching the second film, I imagined what the trilogy capper could end up being 5 years ago (yes, the second one was 2014 believe it or not), and I was in the ballpark with my guess: one last ditch effort of trying to harmonize humans and dragons, a evil douchebag standing in their way, and a female Fury (no, I didn’t guess that it would be white/light). I think I was more prepared going into it not expecting something that was too complicated or expecting any world changing revelations. I expected a decent story to end the franchise, I expected to be better than the 2nd film, and I expected to be entertained. I got all three, so there really are going to be no complaints on this film from me.

If there are any complaints it is just going to be me, right now in my review, bitching about the second film. The second film isn’t that memorable. In fact, I think I’ve maybe seen it once again since the theater and can only remember that Hiccup’s dad was ‘shockingly’ killed off, Hiccup’s mom was still alive, and they defeated a villain hellbent on either destroying dragons or using them for ultimate power. The first film I remember the most, from its amazing Academy Award nominated score, to its unique and funny storyline. They could’ve honestly just have never done another Dragon sequel after that because it is a solid masterpiece of a solo animated kids film. But Hollywood because money, am I right? However, one of the best compliments I can give this film is that IT ENDS IT, even the marketing advertises it as being the last installment, and it looks like it is keeping its promise.

I hope so, because I can’t imagine where the story could go if they made a 4th. But what am I saying, Hollywood will want to reboot this in ten years, and then just make Hiccup’s descendants or something part of that reboot and it’ll just end up being a Force Awakens effect of a ‘sequelboot.’ God, I fucking hope not. I’m hoping in ten years this rebooting/remake fad will have run its course and we’ll move on to something else maybe less annoying but more original? Who am I kidding? This review has gotten off track, I know, but I really don’t have much to say on the film, just what I said at the beginning, its simple and harmless, and managed to entertain me, and it was more memorable because of all the female Light Fury stuff.

And to give it a few more props: The villain was definitely more memorable this time out, actually being a smart douchebag for once and voiced with passion by F. Murray Abraham. There actually felt like a legitimizing threat in the world of the dragons. The animation as always is fantastic, in fact, one part where Hiccup and Astrid go to this gorgeous, huge waterfall, the waterfall looked incredibly real and so did Hiccup and Astrid flying on a dragon in the distance. The voice work is again all excellent from everyone the only distracting thing was noticing how T.J. Miller wasn’t voicing Tuffnut anymore. (I shouldn’t have to explain to you why.) Another complaint I guess I could pull out of thin air for this film is that, like the 2nd one, the score seems to just be recycled yet again with a couple of extra notes here and there.

But yes, this was a good trilogy capper, and if you are obsessed with the How To Train Your Dragon movies, you are going to love this, and want three specific Funko Pop Vinyls of characters near the end of the film. There is nothing wrong with this film. It isn’t boring in any way, I was entertained for the most part, and it didn’t take and risks or try to negatively subvert expectations. It’s a fantastic family film. But now it seems the dragons are trained…so time to let them off the leash, wouldn’t you agree?


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