My Zany Review of those Zany Golden Globe Awards Last Night…

Everybody hates the Golden Globes. If you look at the commentary on social media, Entertainment Review sites, and random blogs that happen to talk about the Hollywood Foreign Press…they think the entire ceremony is a joke. That it doesn’t predict what is going to happen on Oscar night (slightly not true). That it’s just a laid back awards show that gets a bunch of booze into those celebrities that clamor for it (slightly true). What do I think? The Golden Globes can go both ways. I think that they are slightly more serious now than when I was younger (like when The Tourist was nominated for Best Comedy…) but time and again they have those weird categories that certain films should never be in (aka The Martian as Best Comedy or A Star Is Born and Bohemian Rhapsodies not being in the Best Musical Category). I do think however it does in a way show of what is to come. Mainly that people are finally starting to realize how overrated A Star Is Born truly is.

I think the A Star Is Born buzz came about because of millennials. On all these sites, some of these really dumb moviegoers are crying that it is “the best drama since Titanic.” But then when you tell them that the movie has been made three times before and this is the third remake, they look at you dumbfounded and just brush it off. If the Golden Globes proved anything last night is that the star that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga were certain they would fly across the sky on, is dwindling, and it is dwindling fast. And good riddance. I liked A Star Is Born, but I only liked it enough to the point that my fondness for it has been in further decline every time I hear someone say it is the end all be all of drama films. It’s not. Watch the first one from 1937 or the Judy Garland one from 1954. Those are classic renditions of the story line and characters. I don’t get the love for this Bradley Cooper version at all. Is it because Lady Gaga keeps repeating the same damn speech about “99 people that don’t believe in you, but then there is that one that does” over and over again?

Look, she’s going to win an Oscar for the song ‘Shallow.’ And even I’ll admit it will be well deserved. I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t acknowledge that, for I hum and sing the song all the time in the damn shower. Point is, she is going to win an award FOR SOMETHING SHE IS QUALIFIED For. I’m not saying she is never going to be qualified as an actress, but to give her an Oscar for acting for her first ever role, when in my opinion, she was only okay in it, is ridiculous. There is only room for growth now. As for the film itself, the direction was no where near the caliber of where people are saying it is at. For Bradley Cooper, it is a solid debut effort. It isn’t Oscar worthy, and for me, it’s a little above mediocre point and shoot style mainly only due to the performances other than Gaga, including his own. Last night, the Best Director award went to the right person, Alfanso Cuaron for Roma. You can’t “boo” that decision until you’ve seen the film. There are some damn fine exquisite shots in there that I don’t think Cooper has the talent to pull off right now.

So I guess you could say in summation that I was very happy with the Golden Globes last night. Especially when A Star Is Born didn’t win best picture. Now I would’ve rather had Blackkklansman, or Black Panther or even If Beale Street Could talk win (all three of those films are above and beyond better than A Star Is Born), but honestly, I’ll take Bohemian Rhapsody since it did beat out A Star Is Born (Bohemian Rhapsody I also feel was above and beyond better than Cooper’s film). As for this Bohemian Rhapsody controversy? It’s stupid. Yes, Bryan Singer has been charged twice for being a pedophile a couple of years ago (one case was dismissed and the other was dropped altogether) and when news came he was fired off the set of Bohemian Rhapsody, there came yet another allegation of him fondling some 17 year old at a party a few years ago (we have yet to see what will come of that case). Singer was fired from the set due to constant bickering between him and star Rami Malek, and also that Singer was reportedly either always let to the shoots or sometimes didn’t even show up at all. Aka, he deserved to be fired if what I’ve heard is true.

This whole awards season, fuck, even the marketing for Bohemian Rhapsody has been trying as much as possible to not even make mention of Bryan Singers name. The ONLY reason why his directorial credit remains on that film, and not Dexter Fletcher’s, is because of guild rules and legal reasons. If a director shoots more than 50% of a movie, they get sole directorial credit, and Singer had shot all but two weeks left of the film. The posters did not have his name on it, his name was barely mentioned in interviews, Bryan Singer did not go on the marketing tour of the film, the only thing his name shows up on is the directed by, at the end of the movie, and even then, I think the movie was edited to get that in and out of the finished film faster than any other name shown in the credits. You can tell that the producers of the film would’ve put Fletcher’s name on their if they could, rules just wouldn’t permit them to. So they did what they had to do. Case in point, when Malek won last night and win the film one for Best Drama and producer Graham King accepted the Oscar, neither one even uttered Singer’s name, let alone thank him.

So to say that the movie winning is controversial because of one possible (not legally proved in court yet) pedophile’s semi involvement is the most idiot thing to utter from anyone’s breath. A movie is not the heart and soul of just one person. You know the Marvel movies, where you stay until the after credits scene, and you wait patiently for about 6 to 10 minutes, seeing all those names go by? Yeah, those people worked on the film too. And they worked hard. And I’m sure that even though the producer gets the award in the end, ANYONE in the thousands involved in the production last night had a grin ear to ear when they heard the film’s name as the winner last night. It was their hard work being recognized. Even saying it was controversial because most critics were split on the film is stupid. The film has made nearly $200 million domestic and is now the highest grossing musical biopic of all time, so obviously some people are really digging the film. Me personally? I thought it was only okay, and it would’ve been meh if it hadn’t been for Rami Malek. Out of the awards it one, there should be NO controversy that he won for his performance. He was out-fucking-standing in that role and deserves that Academy Award if he happens to win over Bale and Cooper on Oscar night. On Bohemian Rhapsody as a whole, it’s just a standard rise and fall biopic that you’ve seen many and many times before. If the story would’ve just focused on Mercury and dug a little deeper into his troubled private life, it could’ve been outstanding. It was only okay for me, but a lot of people seem to be loving it, and that is okay. At least this isn’t the 4th rendition of his story to hit the big screen.

As for all the other winners: perfectly happy with. Especially Regina King for If Beale Street Could Talk. Amy Adams will get her statue one day, and probably for a film that is better than Vice, even though I personally loved it. Amy Adams is this generations’s Kate Winslet or Meryl Streep. Will eventually win a statue for something, but be constantly nominated and not win. Regina King owned that role on Beale Street, and I hope she wins. I’d be okay with Adams too. And I’m okay with Mahershala Ali even though he won a couple of years ago for Moonlight (Academy Awards wise, he didn’t win the Golden Globe). But I think the Oscar will go to Richard E. Grant for Can You Ever Forgive Me? He is God damn phenomenal in that film, so is McCarthy, and if you haven’t seen that film or Green Book you need to go out to the theater immediately and try to catch it.

Green Book was my favorite film of 2018, so I was thrilled when it won Best Comedy and took home the Screenplay award as well. I know some others weren’t thrilled and were hoping it went to The Favourite, but I thought that film was overrated as well and only okay, even though I thought Olivia Coleman definitely deserved that award. I have yet to see The Wife (I will Jan 29th), but when has Glenn Close phoned in a role? Seriously, when? Look at her entire career, even her performances in 101 Dalmations and Air Force One. Her complete A game in every single picture she as done. I’m sure she is nothing less than perfect in The Wife, and definitely deserved to win over Gaga, especially when you look at her entire career as a whole (Close has been nominated for 6 Oscars, never won, so don’t give it to newbie Gaga). Seriously, I’m done with A Star Is Born at this point. Oh, I almost forgot to mention…HELL YES to Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse winning best animated feature over the only okay Incredibles 2. I hope that the Oscars gets it right as well. A spectacular animated film!

So yeah, those are my thoughts on the winners in the movies category. Very pleased indeed. This is the part where I’d write about 10 more paragraphs on the Television categories, but to tell you the truth, I didn’t watch 95% of what was nominated, so who gives a fuck about my opinion on those? In summation, fine with all the winners there too. What were your thoughts on both the Movies and Television winners? I’d like to know! If you expected a review on the show in general, like Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh as hosts, look elsewhere. I’m very proud that Sandra Oh won for her role on Killing Eve, but her hosting skills, along with her jokes with Andy Samberg, were really hit or miss…mostly miss. I will review my thoughts on the SAG winners combined with whatever wins awards from the Directors Guild, Writers guild, Producers Guild, etc. in a separate mid awards season post, and then a final post after Oscars night. Until then, you still have time to try and catch up before Feb 24th! Don’t waste it!


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