Zach’s Zany Top 20 Films of 2018 (FINAL)

I’ve already posted the list on my Facebook Cover Photo, but I figured I would write a little blurb on each as to why I picked these particular movies to be in my top 20 list of 2018. So let’s dig right in:

BUT FIRST! Let me just tell you what won my coveted spot for worst film of the year:


A Wrinkle In Time had this spot for most of the year, from April until the end of November, but then I saw this disaster. Complete crap from the first minute to the final cut to black. Completely unnecessary scenes such as Shay Mitchell showering with side boob, and a chopped up confusing ending. Nothing in the movie makes any sense whatsoever, especially how a person that looks like Shay Mitchell could be a ex-cop.

Okay, now for the Top 20:

20. Ben Is Back

This movie is one of the ones that knocked both Solo: A Star Wars Story and Incredibles 2 from the final list right before my final decision. While Solo gets better with each viewing (I still don’t understand why the movie exists though, we didn’t need an origin story for a wonderful character), but Incredibles 2 doesn’t hold up with repeated viewings (it’s just an epilogue of the first film, with some good parts, but way too predictable altogether, especially the villain). Ben Is Back knocked one of them out because the whole story stuck with me. I don’t like Julia Roberts as an actress, but she was pretty good in this. Lucas Hedges was incredible. A cautionary drug tale that earns your emotions and feels realistic.

19. Overlord

A Nazi Zombie movie that manages to be two movies, both that take itself seriously and completely working. Wonder how it would’ve been if it would’ve embraced the schlockyness of its premise, but I’ll take this and leave a SyFy television original to tale that tale.

18. Hereditary

Originally much higher on my list, the film didn’t hold up as well on a couple of repeat viewings. But the movie is still very very good. A scary movie without cheap jump scares and some very disturbing imagery. I don’t think it sticks the landing, if it had, it would’ve been much higher on my list. I’m tired of the whole demon/possession element in movies (see my worst film of the year entry above).

17. Black Panther

Completely overrated, but I still enjoy it when I watch it. Nothing really needs to be said other than that. There are better Marvel films which should’ve gotten this much attention. It is sad this will be the first one to be nominated for best picture.

16. Blackkklansman

Best Spike Lee film in a long long time, and quite possibly my favorite, although I do admit I need to go back and re watch some of his older stuff to make that a definite conclusion. Great acting, great story, great message, funny, and a great watch.

15. Annihilation

This original science fiction film I have a feeling will be greatly appreciated with age, maybe in about 10 years. People have yet to discover it. A great film, with basically an all female cast, and some really neat visuals, imagery, and ideas. But we all know that writer/director Alex Garland is a secret genius so…

14. Game Night

Just a great time at the movies. Very funny, especially the performances from Rachel McAdams and Jesse Plemons.

13. First Man

This film confirmed why I didn’t want to be an astronaut growing up. Probably one of the most realistic and harrowing real life NASA/space tales. This and Apollo 13 would make a great double feature. This should pick up all the sound awards at the Oscars.

12. Assassination Nation

Originally much much higher on my list, I kicked it down a bit out of not wanting the pressure of seeming like a nutcase. But I still love this film. Very original, and very eerily foreshadowing what our technological future and behavior are leading toward. The last sentence of this film is so harrowing yet accurate…

11. Widows

Just got kicked out of the top ten by Vice. I still love this film, but when looking back I realize that there might have been a few scenes missing to make all the pieces fit into a crime/heist masterpiece. Still, this has some major repeating viewing power in my future

10. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Best animated film of the year, and one of the top three best Spider-Man movies. There is no way this could’ve been shot live action and worked as well as this does. Everything works harmonically and I really hope they make sequels to this but separating and still making sequels to the Tom Holland stuff

9. A Quiet Place

One movie that has been in my top ten list the longest time and without dropping and coming back. John Krasinski not just crafted the best PG-13 horror film we’ve seen in a long time, but it is a horror film with heart.

8. The Hate U Give

How this film is not getting more Academy Awards attention I will never understand. Look this one up and check it out. It is so so so so so good. In a sane world Amandla Stenberg would be getting a Best Actress nomination.

7. Vice

The other film to help kick both Solo: A Star Wars Story and Incredibles 2 off the list. Adam McKay’s brilliant follow up to The Big Short is jaw dropping from minute one. How Dick Cheney and other parts of the government got away with the things they did…and this movie completely makes the comedy and fourth wall breaking work 150%

6. Deadpool 2

Much better than the original. Funnier, better action sequences, better story, completely better in every way possible. I think Deadpool 2 has been #6 on my list and stayed there the entire time since the day it was released in theaters…

5. Ready Player One

Spielberg. Based on one of my favorite books. Need I say any more? Just watched it again the other day, and it is still just as entertaining and still holds up

4. Avengers: Infinity War

The real Marvel film that should be getting Academy Awards attention. The fact that this film balances so many super heroes, and doing it masterfully, while giving us a CGI villain that actually poses a threat. Blank Panther has the 2nd best villain with Killmonger, but Thanos easily takes the top spot MCU wise, in my opinion of course.

3. Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Just like Infinity War, when I put this at the top of my list, I thought it was going to stay there. Every single action sequence has stakes and has a point in this film. And it is even more amazing considering that this was a film that started into production without a completed script. Easily the best action film of the year.

2. Bad Times At The El Royale

Not a Tarantino rip off. It’s own thing. It’s own style. It’s own fun. I think since Drew Goddard did The Cable In The Woods they expected some kind of genre flipping itself on its head here, but to go into the theater thinking that will only disappoint you. Go in almost knowing nothing about it, and you will love it as much as I did.


Green Book

It’s still in theaters. Go see it. A road trip buddy movie with a racial subtext and a moral compass with fantastic performances by Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali. Nothing more to say other than that it has tremendous re watch value and a ton of heart.


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