Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: MANDY

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Damn, I would love to see Nic Cage go full Nic Cage and have a chainsaw battle with someone!” Then guess, what? This movie is right up your alley. This is a very simple revenge tale that is very complicated and beautiful visually. But be warned, this is a very slow burn movie. It is two hours long and you really don’t get into the thick of it until the last 45 minutes of the movie. But the wait is realistic in nature, and so so worth it. Nicholas Cage is a very interesting actor. The question has been pondered whether he is a genius in his craft, or an outright lunatic that is just lucky, or a giant fraud, or a combination of the three or hell…maybe all of them. I think its Nicholas Cage’s best performance in years, and a nice unique revenge tale in the seas and oceans of all other revenge tales that will float on the surface and not get lost in the deep.

Like I said, the film is simple. A weird, demonic, psychotic, religious cult takes Nicholas Cage, who plays a de-forester named Red, and his wife, Mandy, hostage, and when she refuses the sexual advance of the cult leader, they kill her and leave him for dead. Big mistake. Nicholas Cage then crafts the most bad ass fucking axe/scythe you have ever seen with an awesome crossbow and goes after the motherfuckers. That’s all you need to know. Where the movie distinguishes itself from other revenge tales is all in the visuals. The movie is a visual masterpiece to the eyes. The dark pinks/red/other hues are amazing. And the film even uses some animation in some of its sequences, giving it it’s own stamp of individuality.

The film is a very slow burn, it’s not like everything happens in the first 15 minutes and then you get to see Nic Cage go fucking bat shit nuts for an hour and 45 minutes. The film takes its sweet and deserved time, giving you insane religious monologues from the cultist psychopaths and some excellent Nic Cage one liners while he is talking his plan of revenge with the welcome return of Bill Duke, you know, the guy that gets his head blasted off near the end of the very first Predator movie. But when the movie gets going, it’s a full Nic Cage bloody spectacle. The kills are fucking awesome and brilliant, and I dare you to stop yourself from being transfixed and hypnotized by Cage’s psychotic and vengeful eyes.

That’s all I really have to say. The movie is fucking weird too, so be prepared for that. Some people will be scratching their heads, wondering how in the fuck I could possibly like a movie like this. It’s just one of those films that is pure sadistic art that I can’t keep myself from liking and just really enjoying the ride. Any Nic Cage fans out there, if you miss this, you’re missing everything.


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