Diane’s Delightful Movie Reviews: MAMMA MIA HERE WE GO AGAIN

Zach here, and again, my wife is more qualified to review a film like this than I am, although I’ll give you my two cents at the bottom:

MAMMA MIA HERE WE GO AGAIN was a fun, yet unnecessary, sequel. If you liked the first one then you will more than likely like this one. If you have any desire to not see it, don’t. It was boring at times but the performances were good and seemed like everyone had a good time through filming.

Lilly James steals the show. Not only is she super cute but she can sing well. The younger cast that plays the younger version of all the characters in the flash backs are much more interesting and I feel like they could have made that movie without it being a musical and it could have carried well.

You can tell that all of the good songs were used in the first movie. Unlike the first movie where the songs flowed naturally with the feel of the story, this one sometimes felt forced and took you out of the story. The plot with Cher did not add anything to the movie. I think they were looking for an excuse to put Cher and and the song ‘Fernando’ in the movie. My favorite numbers were ‘Waterloo’ and during the end credits, ‘Super Trooper’.

All and all you can totally wait for the DVD and have all your friends over and do a back to back movie special while getting drunk on sangria and singing along at the top of your lungs and still not miss a beat.

Grade: B-

Zach’s Zany 2 Cents: Agree with my wife on most aspects, I’ll go against her in saying that I liked the sequel more than the first one, but the fact that I hated the first one doesn’t say much. If you liked the first, you’ll like this, but this movie wasn’t aimed at winning me over, and I never expected it to.


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