Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: ALEX STRANGELOVE (Netflix)

ALEX STRANGELOVE I guess you could call the late released stepchild prequel of Love, Simon. Well, not really. It’s a direct to streaming version answer to Love, Simon. Some of the same DNA and story beats but just different enough to be its own thing. The quality and star power of which gives us a not quite theatrical deserving release but not just straight to video so…oh hey there Netflix! Just like my recent review of Set It Up, it is in the better category of Netflix dump fare but will not be that memorable in about a year. It’s predictable, but its sweet. It doesn’t have that edge, but its got the director of the really good independent film The Skeleton Twins. It’s like Love, Simon, but it would definitely be rated R in the theater for plenty of crude humor, sexual situations, and much more cursing. It’s maybe worth your watch once when. I’m making it sound bad, it’s actually quite un-memorably charming.

It’s about the class president of a high school that has a very sweet, very nice looking girlfriend. They were first just friends and he wanted her and she finally elevates it to something more. They haven’t had sex. Then they go to this party together and he has a wonderful time and conversation with a guy from a different school. They make a very strong connection and now with his girlfriend wanting sex, he suddenly doesn’t know who he is or what he wants. It has the cliches of any high school movie. The guy has a really good best friend that is basically a nicer stoner Stifler. Whenever the friend is on screen there is all these stoner antics that you’ve seen before. The girls in this have dirty mouths and can stand toe to toe with the guys. And the film has a very predictable, bittersweet, yet charming heartfelt ending for all the characters.

It does give you a great message about knowing who you are and not afraid to show it. Just like Love, Simon it has a very important message on coming out to your friends and family as well. It is just that Love, Simon came out first and is a lot more cinematic, lovable, and memorable. This isn’t a direct carbon copy, because they were made around the same time, it just has the distinction of coming out several months after something just like it did it much better. But it could’ve been a whole lot worse. It couldn’t not been entertaining. And again, the few new movies you see after a piece of shit like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, are going to look better in your eyes than they would have if no other piece of shit existed. So yes, I recommend this as a one time spur of the moment Netflix watch. Un-memorable in a year charming type of streaming experience.


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