Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: NETFLIX’S CARGO (no spoilers)

Whoa, Netflix actually released an original movie…that’s actually quite good? Yes, they have, with CARGO. What’s it about? I’m reluctant to say that yes, zombies are in it. I know, I know, zombie fatigued has finally set in, based on the ratings plummet of The Walking Dead over the past year and a half. But where The Walking Dead doesn’t know where it wants to go in its 16 episodes per year run (or they have a plan, and its just not a very good one), Cargo has a story that flows very smoothly, the beats have actual consequences that seemed planned out and set up other plot points that go somewhere, and the film earns your emotions. It is probably the most depressing zombie film I have ever seen.

It does star someone that you might know, Martin Freeman, aka Bilbo Baggins, aka Watson to Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock, as a father, along with his wife, that are on a boat on a river on the Australian outback, trying to find a home that is safe for their young infant daughter. And that’s basically all I can tell you story wise, other than you know that them being safe on a small tugboat ain’t going to last long. Just know that there is zombies along the way, along with some Aboriginal warriors and other Australian white folk that may be friends…or deadly foes. If you see that you can watch a trailer to see if this movie might have you hop over that deciding fence of yours, don’t. I think the trailer gives away too many of the surprises, twists, and turns this film has to offer.

The acting is what truly makes this zombie film stand out from all the rest of the crap you get in theaters and on television now. Martin Freeman is excellent as the father. Having a nine month old myself, when he is playing with his daughter and trying to comfort her, I got very emotional because it feels like what I try to do with my son every day. The cinematography is very good, seeing Australians lush landscape that can be either a absolute beauty or a absolute nightmare, depending on what the characters’ situations are.

My only one complain about this film, is that two of the characters near the beginning make really really awful stupid mistakes (but I guess if the mistakes were not made we wouldn’t have a story, but surely you could try to write two honest mistakes where it was no fault of the characters). One mistake I can’t literally figure out why this character would do something one character already did and succeeded in doing and there was no reason in doing it again. The other mistake I can forgive because of emotional detachment. You’ll figure out easily what these two mistakes are because they are within the first 30 minutes of the film. The film isn’t a masterpiece by any means, and I think this is a one and done watching experience for me, but I can tell you that if you are really into zombie movies/stories, and you are feeling that fatigue from the overdone Walking Dead series, this film might spark a little energy back into your obsession.


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