Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: GAME OVER, MAN! (Netflix) (Minor Spoilers)

I could sum up this Netflix original (it basically beats it in your face that it was made for Netflix originally by putting A Netflix Film in the opening credits) with this: If you like Workaholics and Adam Devine, Anders Holm, and Blake Anderson’s humor, you’ll probably like GAME OVER, MAN! They aren’t playing their characters from Workaholics, but they might as well have. And a few other Workaholics regulars show up too for quick little cameos. Just face it, it is a Workaholics movie. It is as if the three guys from Workaholics, quit their jobs, got Hotel Housekeeping jobs, and got stuck in a Die Hard like situation.

For me? I’ve only seen a few episodes of Workaholics, and their humor for me is hit and miss. Just like their television show, this movie is hit and miss (honestly, I would recommend Workaholics over it, Workaholics has an edge with the hits, while this movie has a edge with the misses). When the jokes hit, they hit very very well and made me laugh pretty hard, but when they miss, I of flinched awkwardly at my television. And the whole Die Hard situation thing is quite stupid and petty. Basically these “money” terrorists, disrupts a huge party in one of the huge suites of the hotel, wanting money from this crazy rich benefactor that was about to give money to the three Workaholics guys trying to get their videogame “Skintendo” into market. Then really really really crude humor and other antics ensue as the three try not to save the hotel, but end up saving it. (You’ll get what I mean when you see it).

The humor is way above and beyond rated R. There is this hilarious joke involving Adam Devine pretending to accidentally hang himself while pleasuring himself to escape the wrath of one of the terrorists. The bit is hilarious at first, but then when Devine keeps showing us his penis, the joke gets old a little too quick. That is basically the entire movie, the joke that is dealt to the audience is hilarious and gut wrenching at first, but then it goes on way too long. Just like the joke with killing off real life celebrities. There are real life celebrities at the party and the terrorists end up having to kill a few, at first it was shockingly funny, but then by the time Joel McHale shows up as being at the party the entire time, it gets old pretty quick. Also, the movie blows up a little dog. And I can’t tell if that part was supposed to be funny or not. It really wasn’t. If you don’t like animals being hurt, I would stay far away from this or fast forward when it looks like the doggie’s time is up. There is one fake out.

It is a Netflix movie, the production value is terrible, there are Netflix cameos abound, and the whole thing felt really hastily thrown together. I can only recommend this movie for two things: 1. If you are high as fuck, eating munchies, and have nothing else better to do. or 2. Have it on in the background while you are cleaning your house/room.

I can’t quite recommend this movie. If a little more time was spent on it, with a better production, and a little more time hashing out the jokes and when to stop them, it could’ve been decent. This is clearly Netflix squeezing Workaholics nostalgia for every last drop it can. Netflix clearly doesn’t realize that the juice ran out with the series finale.


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