Diane’s?! Zany Movie Reviews: MIDNIGHT SUN (spoilers)

Hello there! This is your normal zany reviewer Zach, doing a short intro for my wife. Diane, who will  be reviewing the few films in the theater this year (and from now on) that I refuse to see, such as Mamma Mia 2, Overboard, and this film for which you are about to read, Midnight Sun. I did not not write this review, this is completely her, but I feel like she has a pretty good taste in movies (I married her didn’t I?) so trust me when I say that I believe whatever she has to say about a film. So here is her review below (future reviews will not have intro’s, just this one, and I will just replace my name with my wife’s):

MIDNIGHT SUN is a cute romantic movie that would be appreciated by sappy teenagers. If you do not like romance movies this is not the film for you. I hear others are comparing it to A Walk to Remember and that is very true. Almost exactly.

One of the good things is Rob Riggle. His performance is so great. You just want him to be your Dad. Patrick Schwarzenegger did well, he is a much better actor than his father. You can see that he takes after his mother. Bell Thorne was great once she started dying. Before that, her portrayal of a teen was just not believable. She was just too pretty and poised to play the awkward home schooled girl.

Of course if you look too closely at the movie you could tear it apart. There is no way the main character gets drunk at her first party and just walks casually into the house without a confrontation with her father. There is also no way that the boyfriend would not have found out somehow what her deal/disease was.  Teenagers talk too much for that not to have happened.  If she didn’t tell him, he would have asked around and found out from another source.

If all you want a mind numbing cliche romantic teenage movie, Midnight Sun is perfect. Just as long as you don’t look too closely and are ready for a good cry. Ultimately, I’d give it a C-, but as a romantic movie, a C+.  It’s nowhere near The Notebook or Rachel McAdams territory, and it will make you long for a better life altering movie romance that changes your world.


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