Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: LOVE, SIMON

Let’s get this out of the way right now, you don’t have to be gay to love LOVE, SIMON. (I don’t know why some morons on social media are saying that you have to be. They are either homophobic assholes or just don’t know shit and need to leave the human race). In my opinion, this movie could be loved by everyone, anyone. Also in my opinion, but I look at this as absolute truth, if you don’t come out of Love, Simon either loving it or getting choked up at certain moments, maybe you need to reexamine yourself as a human being. I know this is pretty early in the year but there is always one high school/school comedy/dramedy each year that comes out on top and above all the mediocre rest. 2016 was The Edge of Seventeen, 2017 was Wonder, and I have a feeling Love, Simon has already won 2018.

If your head is up your ass, or you don’t watch TV or go to the movies much, the film is about a high school guy named Simon that knows he has been gay for about 4 years, but is hiding it from everyone: family, friends, etc. He doesn’t know when or the right time to come out. On the high schools own social web page this other student named Blue writes a post about being gay and having to keep the  secret from everyone, not knowing what to do. Simon sees this post and decides to respond, using an alias himself, and after his post his life is thrust into a whirl wind of revelations, some heartfelt, some filled with heartache, and he might have to make a decision sooner rather than later to come out to everyone.

Since I am not gay, and I am not in high school at this time, I don’t know whether to tell you whether or not this is the quisisential movie of our time about knowing you’re gay when you are young,  having to deal with it with others, keeping it a secret, when to come out etc.  I do know that the movie felt real, with a little light splash of Hollywood glitz and glam here and there (especially toward the very very end). It felt real with the acting, the dialogue, and the story. If I have one complaint about the film, is that I would think that it might be a little bit darker of an experience once you come out to everyone in real life. I have a feeling that high school kids would be meaner or someone like that would have a tougher time. But then again, like I said, I didn’t go through that, so I don’t know. I’m just doing a movie review here and letting you know that I really liked it.

What did I really like about it then? I really liked that the movie kept me guessing the identity of Blue, and when revealed, was actually shocked. Its marketing has kept the identity very well hidden and I hope that it isn’t spoiled for others. I loved the acting. You think the guy that plays Simon, Nick Robinson, is a fresh face, but you are wrong. He has been in some high profile stuff, like Jurassic World, Everything Everything, and The Kings of Summer, but with his amazing performance in this, he is likely to shoot up to the big time quick. Katherine Langford is also in this, you know, the main suicide girl in 13 Reasons Why, and even though she isn’t in this too much, she actually shows she has some range, by playing someone completely different from Hannah Baker and pulling it off. Jennifer Garner is great in her role as Simon’s mom, and I only wish that TV spots weren’t giving away some of her very sentimental speech near the end of the film to her son. And if you’ve ever had a doubt about Josh Duhamel, like I have countless times, this is his best role to date, playing Simon’s dad, but having some playful edge to him and actually feeling like his first true character he has ever inhabited.

The movie is a tight hour and 50 minutes, and it didn’t even feel that long. I laughed quite a bit, and the film earned all of my emotions instead of trying to force them out of me. This was written by scribes that have written for This Is Us and directed by the main head honcho producer of the CW DC superhero Universe Greg Berlanti. Since this is mainly a point and shoot movie, with the director, you gotta make sure you capture the performances, and with this he does an extremely good job, but he is sure to throw in a musical (really funny ending) number in there to let audiences know that he could be even better at different things. And thankfully, unlike This Is Us, which seems to throw too much heartache and doesn’t balance enough happiness with its stories, doesn’t lay the sentimentality in this too thick. It felt like just the right amount, and didn’t go into too much into a sappy ass territory.

Finally, I forgot to mention movie is based on a book that I would now like to read call Simon Versus The Homo Sapiens Agenda. Yeah, I can see why they changed the title, the book title is perfect but for a movie title it would be too long. Anyway, yeah, I really really recommend this movie. And like I said, I don’t know if this is the be all end all of gay/coming out movies, you’ll have to tell me, but it was a very enjoyable and honest look about it according to my eyes. I wanted more when the end credits hit, I wanted to see more of that world and more of the characters. And if you ever feel that way when you walk out of a movie, you should know that you loved it.


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