Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: A BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS

Wondering if you should see A BAD MOM CHRISTMAS, the extremely rushed sequel to last year’s summer hit? Well, you just have to ask yourself one question. Did you like the first one? Because if so, great, this one is exactly on par with the first. Mindless, fun, entertainment that isn’t meant to be a comedy classic, just meant for you, your family and friends to switch off your brains, laugh some and have a good time. The target audience on this is simple, moms and their friends that are moms, or a higher in age family. Anyone that thinks the holidays are stressful and a load of chestnuts. Anyone that likes Kenny G taking his flute like instrument and pretending it is his cock (yes, that does happen in this movie). Basically, anyone that likes really ridiculous crude humor. I was entertained and satisfied, what more could I want.

Sometimes I can’t expect a comedy classic. I didn’t expect it out of the first one, and I had a good time. And I especially don’t expect it out of comedy sequels, which are a really hard nut to crack. Sometimes sequels do the same old same old and it either works or doesn’t, and sometimes it tries to go really outside the box, and it either works or doesn’t. It usually doesn’t work in both cases. I am a huge supporter in comedy films NOT having sequels. I mean, do you really want a sequel to Wedding Crashers? But since the first Bad Moms was ultimately harmless and fun, I didn’t mind a sequel. And this sequel mixes it up just a tiny bit. It does the same old same old story of the first where the tired and stressed out moms try and loosen up and go crazy, but this time they do it during the holidays and try to take back making Christmas perfect for everyone.

And then this time they do the ultimate cliche thing of bringing in the mom’s mom to wreck havoc. They pair Mila Kunis with Christine Baranski, Kristen Bell with Cheryl Hines, and Kathryn Hahn with Susan Sarandon. Susan Sarandon definitely has the under developed storyline where she seems like an extended cameo more than an actual role in this. But I did see her as Kathryn Hahn’s mom. And while Christine Baranski was the most developed in this, and she had her moments, she seemed too stuck to being the same character (Leonard’s mom) in The Big Bang Theory, except that she adds a fuck and shit every now and then to her vocabulary.

But the biggest surprise of the three was Cheryl Hines. She is definitely the best mom in this film. She got all of Kristen Bell’s manurisms and quirks down and not only does she look like she is having the most fun, but she has the best moments, jokes, and “wince” ful parts in this. Every time she came on screen I knew I would have a big laugh and her chemistry with Kristen Bell was fantastic. But wait, that isn’t even the best part of the movie!

The best part of the movie is Kathryn Hahn and a Santa stripper played by Justin Hartley, some of you may either know him from the latter part of Smallville playing Arrow, but most of you know him as the good looking brother in This Is Us. The waxing scene between Kathryn Hahn and him is the most laugh riot best part of the movie and worth the price of admission alone. And just like the first movie, Mila Kunis did fine, Kristen Bell was good and weird, but the scene stealer is Kathryn Hahn, who I think is one of the most underrated comedy actresses acting today. She is delightful in this.

So yeah, see A Bad Moms Christmas. It’s harmless, it’s the holidays, you’ll have a few good belly laughs, but best of all, you’ll have fun. It seemed like everyone had fun making this film, and it surprised me that they were able to rush this sequel so fast and it be just as good as the first. I don’t know what they are going to do if they make a third one, because obviously you can’t do the holidays twice in a row, but I am looking forward to one more adventure to close out this fun little trilogy.


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