Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: HOME AGAIN

I would not go so far as to call Reese Witherspoon’s new movie HOME AGAIN, good, great, or even bad…I would ultimately probably use the term “harmless.” I didn’t think it is a re watchable laugh a minute riot fest, nor did I think it as a comedic disaster. It is just there. It is just there to casually leave on television when you are tidying up your house one afternoon. It’s a airplane movie to distract you from the fact that you are in a vessel miles in the air. It has it’s moments, but then it has it’s “really?” moments as well, and it once again proves that Reese is way too good of an actress to pick up and participate in this kind of material.

The movie has a somewhat interesting concept where a famous screenwriter/director’s daughter turns 40 and is recently separated from her husband, moving with her two daughters to L.A. who “happens” to run into three young male Hollywood dudes (one a director, one an actor, and one a screenplay writer) who are trying to break bank with their short film becoming a full length feature. One of the boys in his mid-20s falls for Reese. They get kicked out of their hotel for not having any money and Reese’s mother likes the boys and suggests that they live in the guest house for the time being. The three young boys then inject themselves into her lives but then once the separated husband comes to L.A., bag in hand, people have to figure out what is the best in life for them.

I mean, yeah, it’s a little interesting. The plot relies really heavy on insinuating circumstances, and the fact that all the planets and stars lines up for them perfectly. There are some charming moments, and there are some chuckles, and Reese Witherspoon is always fun to watch whatever she is doing, but ultimately this film is “harmless,” yet ultimately forgettable. It’s like when you run into somebody from high school that wasn’t mean to you, but wasn’t your friend either, but was nice to you all the same. You say hello, what you’ve been up to, and then you leave, forgetting what happened in 24 hours. That’s this film. A casual meeting never to be remembered again.

The acting is good but I feel like the other actors in this film are wasting their time as well, especially Nat Wolff (who plays one of the boys, not even the romantic interest, and this is the guy that completely stole the show in The Fault In Our Stars) and Michael Sheen, who looks depressed after Master of Sex was cancelled. Both of these guys are way too good for this film. Candice Bergen, who plays Reese’s mom in this screams from the hilltops “paycheck.”

I was satisfied with the ending however, going to a place it needed to go and didn’t try to wrap everything up in a nice bow. But yeah, I’ve already forgotten a lot about this movie from seeing it two days ago. But the fact that I didn’t hate it, after seeing the masterful IT, says something. It is possible this movie just wasn’t for me, and that young women and women in general might laugh and love this movie a whole lot. So in the end, I might not be the best person to review this. I would totally recommend for girls out on the town, but for everyone else, you would drive home again from the movies, with this film never making another blip on your brain radar.


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