Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: LOGAN LUCKY

LOGAN LUCKY is easily the best heist film since 2001’s Ocean’s Eleven, and the funny part is that both are directed by the same man, Steven Soderberg. Even making fun of it’s self in the film (at one point a reporter calls it Ocean’s 7-11), this heist film has a hillbilly redneck southern twist to it that makes it much more enjoyable than if everything was played straight. It is a solid entertaining two hours where nothing feels out of place and it even manages to cook up a few surprises that I didn’t see coming. I’m writing this review now seeing that the movie didn’t make all that much at the box office this weekend, which is a shame because you should go out with your friends ASAP and see this. I swear you will have an enjoyable time.

What makes this film so good is the acting. Channing Tatum becomes a better actor with each film that he does, especially if he has Soderberg behind the lens. His country accent and manner is just right, not going too over the top, with a perfect southern drawl and presence. Adam Driver and Riley Keough do good here as well, as well as all the supporting players, Seth McFarlane, Katherine Waterson, Dwight Yoakem, Katie Holmes and Hilary Swank, even though a lot of them don’t get much screen time at all.

But the real winner is is 007 himself, Daniel Craig. He steals every single scene he is in and after Bond he should seriously go into more comedy roles, because he clearly has a knack for what makes an audience laugh. He completely lights up the screen here, with his very funny high pitched accent and mannerisms. He is worth the price of admission alone. While I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is Oscar worthy (some people have been saying that), I could see Daniel Craig getting nominated for an Oscar at some point in his life, and probably for a comedy and not a drama.

The story and heist is great. It isn’t like Rogue One where the heist is completely done in less than ten minutes. The film takes it’s time, with the entire second half of the film devoted to the heist, every second of which is fun and interesting. And the plan isn’t outlandish either, the screenplay is smart and doesn’t try to treat the audience as if they were idiots. Some critics have been saying it is hard to see that a heist could be planned by a person in real life that Channing Tatum plays, but I say that we all judge a book by its cover at some point, where a man like this could really be smarter and more than what he seems.

I loved this southern fried chicken heist. While not better than Ocean’s 11 or Snatched, it is way way better than any of the Ocean’s sequels and a movie I could completely keep on television and watch over and over in the coming future. Just like The Hitman’s Bodyguard it is a surprise late hit summer fun for me. You all made Hitman’s Bodyguard a modest hit the weekend, why don’t you go back and give Logan Lucky a shot. It is true that this film is being marketed more as a comedy than a heist, but it is both equal parts, with the heist not getting any back burner, and having fun right along with the comedy in the drivers seat.


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