Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: ANNABELLE CREATION

Look, if you can go back and look at my Facebook review of Annabelle, I was not kind. I hated and still hate the first Annabelle movie. It isn’t even in the same league of The Conjuring 1 and 2, even though it is in the same universe. But thankfully, continuing the trend set by Ouija 2: Origin of Evil, ANNABELLE 2 is not only better, it is scary as shit, tells a good tale, and finally enters the same ballpark with the greatness of both Conjuring movies. So I guess now if I hate the first movie in a horror franchise I should always look forward to the second one huh? Everything about this is better, and probably the reason for that is the directors changed, the director of the first went on to do the shitty Wish Upon, but this new guy did the Lights Out movie, which I thought was good and scary for being PG-13, but this is Rated R, and brings everything great to the table.

Annabelle Creation, just like Ouija: Origin of Evil, is a prequel to Annabelle, showing how the doll and the evil spirit within it, first came to be. In fact, it ties itself directly with the first film at the end to make sure it can be nothing but sequels from here on out, which I like. By the way, it is also starting to be like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, teasing it’s upcoming releases, and it does a great one mid movie with The Nun, which I wasn’t at first, but am now looking forward to. Anyway, this movie is about a couple, the husband of which makes dolls. His daughter dies in an accident at a early age and they pray to whatever power to bring it back. Unfortunately a demon answers, and they manage to keep it in a closet at bay. Also unfortunately, they now run their home as a sort of orphanage, and a bus full of orphaned girls and a woman nun are staying there.

And you slowly find out the story, and scary shit happens. I’m not going to ruin the rest of the film or any of the scares, because the scares and good and well earned. Even though I didn’t jump (Kim did because she’s a wuss) I was drained by the time the film ended, being on edge for the entire thing. Also, for a scary movie, the acting was top notch. All the kids did fantastic, and the adults all brought their A game as well. Wish there was more Miranda Otto in the film, as she is a fine actress, but the reason she isn’t there is valid, and she is very powerful when needed to be.

I just wish that like Child’s Play, the doll would actually move and talk, and that we would get that those great practical effects here like they did with Chucky back in the day. And while the first movie didn’t do that, unfortunately this one doesn’t either, but now that I think about it, not seeing the doll move and talk is creepier than actually seeing it, so I forgive it for all its trespasses. There is some predictability in this, as what objects or beings they will be used for scares, but the way they eventually bring those things into play is patient and brilliant. They don’t bring it up and then two minutes later play their hand. They keep their cards close to the chest the entire time.

To not waste your time and get you to go to a theater with a loud system, I am going to cut my review a little short (actually it is already a little long isn’t it?). If you want a scary time at the movies, look no further. Annabelle Creation is another rare sequel/prequel that is much much much much much better than the original. It provides plenty of thrills that aren’t cheap with a good serviceable story that ties everything together. This + Child’s Play will prevent you from ever buying dolls again.


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