Zach’s Zany Binge Watchin’ Reviews: G.L.O.W.

G.L.O.W. is on Netflix currently and stand for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. To be honest, I only watched the first episode (at first) because I really wanted to see Alison Brie um…naked. I’m a guy so sue me, but I have been waiting ever since Community. Turns out though, the show is actually quite good, and I ended up watching all 10 episodes within a span of a couple of days. While it suffers from many comedic and plot cliches, the characters and story mechanics had me engrossed and wanted to see it till the end. I hope there is a season two because I was wildly entertained.

The story is about the formation of G.L.O.W. which aired in the 80s, but it is also the story of two ladies that used to be best friends, separated by a huge betrayal, and them trying to mend their relationship. All mixed together with several other side girl characters and their surrounding drama makes for a pretty meaty  and substantial story with absolutely no lag time or scenes written just to be filler. And while the betrayal is a huge disappointing cliche and a pregnancy plot point is another huge cliche done many times before the way both are ultimately handled brings some realism to the fantastical outlandish plot.

Alison Brie is good in this, however when she tries to make her wrestling character Russian, some of her Community comedy seemed to seep through. I was much more interested in Betty Gilpin’s character, who is betrayed by Brie (non wrestling wise) and is brought into the GLOW community in a pretty funny and inspiring way. The character and actor that is most likely to earn a supporting Emmy nomination however would be the director of GLOW that is played by Marc Maron. His character, often drunk, obnoxious and out of his mind, is the most memorable, delivering the most laughs and the widest arc of anyone on the show.

There is an unfortunate twist near the end for his character that was a giant cliche as well involving one of the female wrestlers, but then again, like the other two cliches, it’s handled better than it could’ve been and what has been done before. Chris Lowell also plays the financier and promoter of GLOW that comes in and out and is hilarious as well. I also liked Brittney Young as a wrestler that has a dynasty to her name Sydelle Noel as one of the wrestlers but also a trainer of the ladies as well.

This show is not masterful by any means but it is entertaining as hell, about as entertaining as earlier Netflix series Girlboss, which I also enjoyed quite a bit. With only 10 episodes and each barely above 30 minutes long, this is a quick and very entertaining watch that you won’t be burdened to finish unlike say, House of Cards Season 5, a review I will get to very shortly.


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