Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: LOWRIDERS

LOWRIDERS basically follows the Cliched Plot and Human Relationship book from front to cover, but I have to say that it does feature Supergirl Melissa Benoist at her absolute sexiest. The film mixes in that “oh so familiar poor boy on the streets but he’s a great artist that wants so much more and for his art and name to be recognized  and gets a girl that recognizes that talent”, with “his family is divided between giving his loyalty to his older brother who just got out of prison or his “used” to be drunk father that just wants his son to work on lowriders at the custom shop that he owns.” You can completely see the whole movie right? Well you can, so the film then has to work on performances and entertainment value alone, which thankfully, it does.

I’m not saying that it is a great movie though, but I am saying it is a great Netflix watch. You get to see some pretty beautiful and custom cars and again, like I said, a very sexy Melissa Benoist. If the movie had garnered even a ounce of unpredictability, it could’ve boosted itself into a very good category. The problem is, the audience will know what will happen scenes and scenes away before the characters make those actions. There is going to be a scene where the father confronts the older brother. You know who the winner of the Lowrider contest they have in the middle of the film is going to be. You know whether our main character will get his art or his name out there or not. You know what will happen the climatic scene. You know there will be a forgiving scene as well. You know how the story will end.

If I let you sit in a room all by yourself for 10 minutes, you could tell me completely what happens in the beginning, middle, and end. No question about it. But instead of coming out as just another boring storytelling sausage link, you at least get a hot dog with some of the chili and cheese fixings entertainment wise. The performances are all there, including Theo Rossi as the brother, Demian Bichir as the father, and Gabriel Chivarria as the protagonist. And again, Melissa Benoist as the girlfriend to the protagonist. This is basically The Fast and The Furious meets any family drama without any of the racing. (I take that back, there is a kind of chase near the end that is Fast and the Furious on a very calm relaxer drug)

There is something that happens in the third act that you could completely argue with me is unpredictable. Maybe for you. But there would be literally no way to advance the story other than a lawsuit, which would be boring. It also sets up the way too predictable finally. I guess you could say that this movie is one of my guilty pleasures. There is so much going against it that me liking it I had to have been in some sort of a mood while watching it for the first time. Maybe it will not hold up in repeat viewings. But the fact is I was never really bored, the acting is there, and the short run time of 95 minutes completely flew by. There are “lower” things you could be doing with your time.


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