DR. VAXXLOVE (Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying & Love The Block ((Button))

Ah, the block button. Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, etc. etc., it has become a true friend of mine since the beginning of 2021. I used to think it was cowardly, and so in the years previous I would unblock those after a certain amount of time, only to end up regretting it later. But it isn’t cowardly anymore, it is…therapeutic. Brave. Stress-reducing. And to those that think I have deeper problems if I’m cutting people out of my life at the drop of a hat? I’d rather have those deeper problems than to be ignorant. Ignorant to what is going on around us: THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. I used to be mad at the people that went along with the headline: “If you want to get the vaccine, I’m with you, if you don’t want to get the vaccine, I’m still with you. I still love you.” Now? I feel sorry for the lot of you. Sorry for your ignorance. I mean, did we seriously all forget that we (still) have vaccine passports that we have/had to have in order to even be considering to be in daycare and/or school for all these years? Do you realize the lot of us already have vaccines in our systems against smallpox, rubella, etc. etc. and the reason why you don’t see many cases of these going around is BECAUSE EVERYBODY IS VACCINATED FOR THEM?!?!?

So why is getting the COVID-19 Vaccine so hard for some of you? I don’t get it. You were complaining when the pandemic first started, complained about the lockdowns, complained if you lost your jobs because of the lockdowns, but mostly complained and asked, “when is everything going to get back to normal?” Well, a solution is here, nay, TWO SOLUTIONS. Get the vaccine and keep wearing your mask around strangers and the unvaccinated until cases go down and we can start living a normal life again. But noooooo, you don’t want it because Fox News has been lying to you, giving you countless COVID-19 Vaccine misinformation, or you love Trump so much that getting the vaccine (EVEN THOUGH HE GOT THE JAB AWHILE AGO) and you’d feel like you’d be betraying him because he was “cheated out of the election,” or you aren’t getting it out of spite or “my body, my choice,” or “the government is putting chips in them to track us” (you have a phone, don’t you dumbass?) or “Freedumb,” or countless other lazy pathetic excuses that is just going to push and delay getting back to normal life by months, maybe even years.

The “My body, my choice” excuse should not be applied during the pandemic. I’m not going to get into abortion issues here, or whatever else that saying has been applied to over the years, I’m only going to get into the topic of it when it relates to getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Come on guys, do simple research, go to http://www.cdc.gov, the ONLY website you should be doing research about vaccines on, and try to learn that the vaccine may not just save your life, but your families, your friends, other loved ones, etc. etc. etc. Also, if are are trying to question my credibility on this subject, my wife is a nurse, she’s seen it first hand. I’ve heard a shit ton of horror stories AND vaccine saving life stories from her. And if you still don’t want to get the vaccine…well, there is nothing left to say except that you are probably one of THE MOST selfish people on the planet, and I feel sorry for you…until you end up contracting COVID and possibly be hospitalized and or die… and then possibly spreading it to your loved ones. Then, instead of feeling sorry for you…it’s now going to be one simple word: “Meh.”

“But what about those that can’t get the vaccine?” Can’t…or WON’T? Huge difference. Lately people have been telling me that they can’t get the vaccine, I ask them to elaborate, and that elaboration quickly turns into the WON’T definition more than it does the former. “Can’t” is only if your doctor and/or physician say that it isn’t a good idea for you to get the vaccine because you have adverse reactions to vaccines in general or some other medical condition. That is it, that is the only way that “Can’t” be applied. EVERYTHING else is “won’t.” And if you are really a “won’t” person, then again, you are one of the most selfish people on the planet, and I feel sorry for those around you that don’t feel safe because you aren’t doing everything as humanely possible in order to eradicate this disease. “But…but…vaccinated people can end up having a breakthrough case, still getting the disease and spreading it to others just as much as unvaccinated people.” THAT’S ONLY BECAUSE HALF OF THE COUNTRY IS UP THEIR OWN ASSES AND REFUSED TO GET THE VACCINE RIGHT AWAY. If everyone had gotten the vaccine as soon as humanely possible when it was available, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

And the reason I’m advocating for everyone to get the vaccine isn’t solely on movie release delays. That is a very distant #2 reason. My #1 reason is that I have a small four year old boy that isn’t eligible for the vaccine yet. But believe me, the day he is, he will be one of the first in line. Since small children aren’t eligible for a vaccine yet, we need to do everything possible TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN. If you refuse to get the vaccine, you are basically saying that you don’t give a shit about any of our children. I’m sorry but you are. So to those that are telling their unvaccinated loved ones that they are okay in your eyes if they refuse to get the vaccine…do you realize what you are really saying is that if this loved one doesn’t get the vaccine, ends up contracting COVID-19, the Delta Variant, spreads it to your children, and your children end up being hospitalized and/or die because of that person, YOU ARE SAYING YOU’D BE OKAY WITH THAT?!?!? “Well, that’s not what I….” No…bullshit, think again. If my child end up getting COVID-19 from an unvaccinated person, and he ended up hospitalized or even died…I don’t know what I would do. I can tell you this much, FORGIVING WOULD NOT BE AN OPTION.

I am not only blocking and throwing people out of my life just for the peace of mind of not having to get into arguments anymore with them. I’m blocking and throwing them out of my life because they are a risk to me, friends, family and loved ones around me, specifically my 4 year old son. “Well, why don’t you just keep your son at home more and not around people if you are that worried about it?” Oh okay, so my son doesn’t get to have a childhood because of morons that keep prolonging the pandemic? Yeah…that makes complete fucking sense. No, my child will go out and do activities in public, but he will be wearing a mask around strangers. And you know what? My 4 year old son is smart. He knows that something dangerous is going on around him. Do you think he complains about wearing a mask? No. He puts it on without complaint when told. Do you think he will complain getting two jabs when he is eligible so that he has a chance to live a full life? No. He won’t complain. So why are you?

I started my blocking and throwing people out of my life spree with a person, who I thought was a true friend to me, right before 2021 began. Have I regretted it since? Absolutely not. In the 8 months following, I realized that friend was not only toxic to my mind, but to my body, and I have felt this…freeing feeling ever since. I’m not depressed by what he thinks of me anymore. I don’t have this sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach. I don’t have this sickening feeling in my mind anymore. It is…liberating. He doesn’t respect me (for reasons unknown), so why should I keep on respecting him? I have come to realize that I should’ve thrown him out much sooner. I realized that he is the biggest hypocrite I have ever met. “Well, why don’t you talk to these people and try to convince them to be better people or convince them to get the vaccine.” BECAUSE THERE IS NO PERSUADING THEIR SELFISHNESS. If you have convinced someone who wasn’t going to get a jab to get one, first of all, good for you, secondly, they were already on the fence. I’m talking about people cemented onto their side of the line with no going back. This person, who I think actually got the vaccine, I didn’t unfriend him because of that, had cemented onto their side what he thought of me. He would’ve kept putting me down over the years, he would’ve kept making fun of me, he wouldn’t have changed. So…why should I be more forgiving toward that kind of behavior?

Why can’t all this blocking and throwing people out of our lives for our mental and bodily health apply to the unvaccinated unwilling to get a jab? I realize that some of you are more forgiving. But really? When we are in a pandemic, with thousands upon thousands of people dying because of a deadly disease that could’ve been controlled by now if everyone had immediately gone out and gotten either the Phizer or Moderna shots, WHERE IS THE GODDAMN LINE TO YOUR FORGIVENESS? You are essentially telling me there is no line? If you are…that is, very, very, very dangerous right now. So yes, I’m throwing people out of my life. Haven’t thrown out any family members yet because guess what? THEY ARE PRO-VACCINE and are already fully vaccinated and will get the booster shots when available. Sure, a couple of them are overdoing it with having family members, all vaccinated, still wear masks inside their homes, but at least they are pro-vaccine. The people that I’m throwing out of my life are peons. They are insignificant to the larger picture in my life. There have been a couple of significant ones, but when I think about it, not really. If you aren’t pro vaccine and pro “protecting those around you while trying to get life back to normal,” then you are anti-American. You are anti-humane. You are anti-life. And you need to rethink yourself before it is too late. Because, now more than ever, Karma’s a bitch.


Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: RUN (Hulu)

RUN is yet another film that was supposed to debut in theaters earlier this year but got postponed because of you know what, Hulu ended up buying the rights back in August, and now here we are. It was originally supposed to come out Mother’s Day weekend in May, which if it would have made that release date, without revealing anything it would’ve been quite fitting and ironic. Let me start off by saying that Run is a good movie. It is tension filled with some incredible white knuckle suspense sequences and masterful acting from both veteran Sarah Paulson and newcomer Kiera Allen. What prevents it from becoming a great film is the fact that the twists and reveals were way too predictable. I know that I’m a good guesser, but if my wife comes into the living room near the beginning of a movie, watches only two minutes, and ends up going, “well this is obviously that and also that is obviously this,” then YOUR MOVIE IS WAY TOO PREDICTABLE. My wife doesn’t really like horror films or thrillers of this nature and if she can come in and guess the reveals to something she can’t stand and doesn’t have a whole lot of knowledge of (even putting into consideration she has learned from the best for 11 years now), that doesn’t bode too well. And she wasn’t even present when the movie got to the reveals an hour later to get the credit she so well deserved (this review is about to be published sweetie, to give you credit where it is due). But, the movie is still too good with every other aspect in its film making to not give it a recommendation. This is one of Hulu’s better originals to be sure.

IMDB describes Run with the following: “A homeschooled teenager begins to suspect her mother is keeping a dark secret from her.” To give you a bit more background on the movie, without you having to watch a trailer (trust me, don’t watch the trailer), the teenager can’t walk or run, she’s in a wheelchair, and has a bunch of other medical problems, basically preventing her from being on her own outside the house, if at all. Surely you are putting two and two together? If not, watch the very first scene in the movie, which is about 2 to 3 minutes long (the movie is a tight and short hour and 30), and the full puzzle should be glued and/or cemented together for you. It isn’t hard. I was hoping that I was wrong and that the movie was trying to successfully pull a double red herring on me, alas, it wasn’t. What you end up thinking is going on, you’re probably right. Let’s not go too deep into this criticism of predictability anymore, let’s talk about the good stuff. Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen could teach a master class of acting with this one movie alone. Both are incredible, Paulson proving that she deserves to be put on that pedestal so many of her fans put her on, and Kiera Allen proving that she deserves to be put in more projects. This is set in stone especially after the reveals if you weren’t already convinced. Other than their acting, the real reason to watch this movie is some of the incredible, white-knuckle, emotional, tension-filled “action” scenes. To not spoil anything, I won’t give you much context, let’s just say there is a scene where a character scales a roof that is perfect in its execution, and the climax in general was also perfect in its execution along with the character arc conclusion. That’s all I’ll say. The co-writer/director Aneesh Chaganty, who directed the laptop thriller Searching, proves with Run that he has the skills to direct more Hitchcockian thriller things like this and someday even become a household name. While Run on the whole isn’t a blast off, story wise, start in a race against other thrillers with less predictability, it’s a huge head start in terms of effectively executing tension and thrills.