Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: BECKY

If you want to see an ultra violent film where Kevin James (yes, THAT Kevin James in his first dramatic role) plays a Neo Nazi and him and his rag tag group of felons are chased down and killed in the most gruesome ways possible by a young teenage girl (think of it as a R rated Home Alone meets Hanna), then BECKY is the film for you. And when I say violent and gruesome kills, I’m talking on the levels of any film in the Saw series and the gruesomest 80’s slasher films you can think of. Just think of this as a rule of thought: when I cringe at gore…then it must be pretty bad. The film is a fun one time watch, but nothing more than that, as this film brings nothing new to the home invasion, revenge, survival thriller, (insert cliche here) genre. The main reason to watch this though is that this is the first film where our favorite King of Queens leading man isn’t just a bumbling fat guy funny man stereotype. He is bald, he has a big bushy beard, and he has a swastika tattoo on the back of that bald head. He spouts curse words and hatred in a fantastic menacing tone, I’m glad that someone saw him as having the potential to go beyond his type cast. It’s a quick and fast 90 minute film that literally has a McGuffin that never truly explains its existence, and if you can just sit back, and can stomach some horrific stomach churning violence, which you easily should because most of it is being done to racists, yet can also stomach a bunch of cliches you’ve seen many times before, you are in for a good time.

I stomached all of it, and it probably helped that the film I saw just before it, my review I posted before this one, The Last Days Of American Crime, was a giant overlong turd. Per, Becky is about “a teenager’s weekend at a lake house with her father which takes a turn for the worse when a group of convicts wreaks havoc on their lives.” The movie moves at a breakneck pace, wasting no time getting to the heart of the matter. But a warning for those of you that decide to watch this, if you are wanting answers to why exactly Neo-Nazi Kevin James and accomplices are at this lake house, the movie doesn’t really provide any answers. Well, it kind of does. Kevin James is looking for this key that he apparently hid there before the family even owned the place and obviously before he was sent to prison. It might seem like the decision to not ultimately reveal what the key unlocks is some smart decision by the filmmakers to look ‘smart’ and be ‘different’ and just say they wanted the audience to try and put 2 and 2 together in their own head, but to me it just seemed like a lazy excuse to find a real reason for the key’s existence. But no matter, we aren’t here for the key, we are here to see a young teenager outsmart the bad guys and kill them, non-PG style. And non-PG it is. I’m not going to ruin any of the kills, because that in turn would ruin the fun of the movie. But if you are squeemish, you might want to find a different film to enjoy your time with.

Although the film is light on plot and it offers nothing you haven’t seen before (except for the kills), the acting is also what makes this film watchable. And it is Kevin James’ performance alone for why you should watch this film. I could’ve watched 30 more minutes of his performance, and only disappointed he wasn’t in the film more than he already was. Kevin James transcends his type casting and I hope he is involved in more serious dramatic acting and stays far far away from any script that says it is from Happy Madison productions. You’ve out grown that shit Kevin, tell Sandler to fuck off unless its something like Uncut Gems. All the other acting is great as LuLu Wilson, if you look her up, has a solid track record in the horror genre, specifically making Ouija Origin of Evil a prequel that actually doesn’t suck as hard as the first film. Joel McHale is in this too and he’s fine, I can just never shake him as Jeff Winger from Community, but that’s my own problem, not his. The guys that directed this directed basically only one other film that I also enjoyed, called Cooties. Check that out if you haven’t already but it’s about young grade school kids eating some bad chicken nuggets and turning into flesh eating zombies, it is quite fun, yet not too memorable. And that’s ultimately how I would describe this film, fun, entertaining while you are watching it, but in a year, you won’t remember too much other than that you can say it was ultra violent, and that you were impressed Kevin James did something different for once.