Zach’s Zany TV BINGE Reviews: Santa Clarita Diet Season 3; Arrested Development All of Season 5; and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt All of Season 4


How in the hell is each season of this better than the last? This show is better than it has any right to be. The first season is okay but showed potential. The second season took that potential, found its stride and kept pushing, with hilarious results. I am happy to report, in my opinion of course, and after having a couple of days to digest it all (I watched all ten episodes in one day), SANTA CLARITA DIET Season 3 is the best so far. They kept on their stride without losing any footing, and I laughed out loud more times than I can remember. My favorite moments have to be a text gone wrong, Timothy Olyphant’s character filming himself on a tryout for a cult, and every situation where “God dammit” is muttered to unique perfection.

While Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore were okay in Season 1 (they are pretty bad in the first episode), I think that with Season 2 and beyond, they know what kind of humore and zaniness that this series is trying to pull off. Especially Olyphant. The first time we see his face in Season 3, I muttered to myself, “yep, this is going to be a fun ride.” That one facial expression, you know that he has finally figured out the weirdness of this show, and just embrace it. To the brilliant over use of profanity, to the situations that just keep piling up and piling up on them, and the solutions they have to try and figure out. Amazing.

But let’s not forget the daughter played by Liv Hewson and her (maybe/maybe not) love interest played by Skyler Gisondo. Liv Hewson has much more to do this season which makes her performance much juicier and she seems to have found her stride. But the MVP of this series is Gisondo, and he just proves yet again this season why he is the best thing about this weird zombie tale. I thought they might over use him after all the praise he got form season 1 and season 2, but they don’t. They use him just enough and perfectly yet again. Yes, this season has another cliffhanger, yet a really good one one that will push the story yet again next season, and I for one cannot wait until 2020 (assuming that it gets renewed, which it should).


Can we all agree that ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT really only has two great seasons and an okay third? Can we maybe pretend that Season 4 and 5 don’t exist and is one giant April Fool’s Day joke? Just like Season 4, Season 5 is God damn terrible. I didn’t laugh once and I kept rolling my eyes when you could completely tell that they couldn’t get a bunch of the actors on the same set so they shot them separately and edited them together to make you think they are all there (it is done so terrible it took me out of it every time they did it, which was a least 3 or more times per episode). If you can’t get them all together, why fucking even do it in the first place? And Portia Di Rossi is credited throughout all 16 episodes, but shows up only twice, and for less than 5 minutes each. The story continues from season 4, which was a bad decision all by itself. That story sucked, so the suck-age continues and doesn’t stop until the final minutes of the last episode.

I can only give Season 5 two minor praises. Everybody working on this thing seems to (finally) think that their time is up, and they basically wrapped everything up into a little bow, and gave us the ending we thought how it would end back in Season 1 (if you don’t know what that is, especially what Jason Bateman keeps repeating what he ultimately wants in Season 1, you aren’t a Arrested Development fan) and the MVP of this season is again Alia Shawkat, and her disguise as an older woman throughout most of the episodes. She brought mild amusement to the dreadful 16 episodes a just binge watched (but notice no laughs).

Yeah, stick a fork in them, they are done. I really really hope they don’t come back. Not even with better writers. They wrote an ending, the ending really is the only thing that worked, it’s over. What was once a fantastic Emmy Award winning series has been utterly destroyed by Netflix. Imagine watching Dexter Season 8 twice in a row. That is what Arrested Development Season 4 and 5 are.


To be honest, I’m glad this was the final season. UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHIMDT was a literal roller coaster of productivity and amusement. The first season is fantastic (and still it’s best). The second season was fucking awful. The third season almost got back to its first season roots if not quite reaching its heights. The first half of season 4 was fucking awful (the first 6 episodes were released last year). The second half, while a bit funnier and zanier than the first half, still was a utter disappointment. The wrap up felt forced and stupid, and we get an hour episode on a “what if Kimmy never got kidnapped type of scenario.” I HATE those kinds of episodes. Just like I hated when Friends did it. If it didn’t happen, then who fucking cares? We don’t need to see an ultimate reality in anything (I’ll give a minor pass to things like the Star Trek 2009 reboot) let alone comedies.

When the show (and first and third seasons) focused on Elle Kemper and her character of Kimmy Schmidt, it was excellent. That’s why the first season was so great. And those little bits of Titus Andromedon were perfect too. But then starting in season 2 and beyond, the side characters were way too point of focus. And they started using Titus too much to the point of annoyance. I hated Carol Kane and Jane Krakowski’s characters. And every season, we just got more bullshit with them and the show failed, in my opinion, in doing so. In fact, I think the secondary characters were used the most in this current season. I really felt like they reduced Kimmy to a side character, because I don’t remember seeing her all that much throughout the 12 new episodes (possibly because she was pregnant in real life? I don’t know). She was the best thing about that show, and it is sad they really under utilized her talent in Season 2 and now this Season. BTW, they wrap up her story line too fast, and too stupidly.

Anyway, yeah, this season, while not the worst, was a disappointing conclusion to a so-so series. This whole thing could have made one great one run limited series. Instead it stretched its concept thin, and got too fucking zany. So much weird shit happens this season it was hard to keep up with. We do get a couple of funny bits with some guest stars, such as Greg Kinnear, and Zachary Quinto stole the whole second half of the season with the two episodes he is in. But, yeah…I’m glad this show has ended (I heard their might be a Netflix movie but God I hope not), yet I probably won’t ever, ever revisit it.



finished a couple of full seasons of some new shows, didn’t want to write full reviews so here are my thoughts:


Very solid, very well acted, very cool first season. Uses music well, but after Guardians of the Galaxy and Baby Driver, everyone else are just copy cats. Hopefully they know where they are going. If you can remember, Heroes had a great first season…and look what happened to it.

TURN UP CHARLIE (Netflix): I really like Idris Elba as an actor, but he deserves better than this. It falls into all kinds of cliche traps that we’ve seen in “grown adult man child that used to have fame but is now a nanny looking for a comeback” films. It avoids some, but not enough to make a difference. Thankfully, it’s only 8 episodes and they are all less than 30 minutes, so it was a quick watch and time passing by watch. Some humorous moments. I’ll see where they go if there is a season 2, but if it’s just another cliche-ridden mess I’ll stop there.

TRUE DETECTIVE SEASON 3 (HBO): Much better than season 2, although I was kind of disappointed in the ending. I was guessing a bunch of stuff out of left field that would’ve made for some juicy television, and the answer to everything was a lot simpler than I was hoping it was. I guess I got the “Lost” effect, where I shouldn’t have. Should’ve just enjoyed the ride more, maybe with a second viewing I will like it more. The first half of the season is very strong, but the second half of the season is just good, not great. Give Mahershala Ali and Stephen Dorff Emmy’s though. Like I said above, at least it was better than the awful, abysmal second season.

Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: US (no spoilers)

Wes Craven, John Carpenter, James Wan, Alfred Hitchcock, George Romero, David Cronenberg……Jordan Peele. After only two horror/thriller films, you can already add Peele’s name to the list of famous directors of the genre that will stand the test of time. US is a near-perfect horror masterpiece. Better than Get Out, in my opinion. It’s perfectly paced. It’s scary as fuck. It has humor at the perfect moments (no unintentional laughter like Hereditary). It has a thought provoking message. It’s a film that will resonate with you long after you leave the theater. It gives you just enough context clues to figure out and put together in your head what is really going on without it being explained to you for 20 minutes. It has scenes and moments set up at the beginning of the film and the rest of the movie is nothing but great pay off, after great pay off, after great pay off. And if you are arguing why Peele’s name should already be added to the list I mentioned above, do I need to remind you who has actually won an Oscar?

The less you know going into US, the more I think you will enjoy it. So if you are reading this non spoiler-y review before you see it….stop. I already complemented it in my beginning paragraph, that should be enough to kick you over if you are still on the fence. But if you have seen it, and didn’t too much care for it, I encourage you to keep reading to understand why I loved it, and perhaps why I looked into the film more deeply than Jordan Peele probably intended for me to. Because the film plays it almost straight forward until the last act. You know where Jordan Peele basically shined that social commentary through your eyes throughout the whole run time of Get Out? (some of you had a problem with that, I don’t know why) Well in this, he saves it for the last act of the film, making you want to re watch the thing through a whole different point of view. That’s how brilliant this movie is. And while yes, there is a twist, and one that I saw coming a billion miles away (yet still enjoyed it because its payoff was set up almost perfectly well), that twist doesn’t just rely on itself to make the movie. Everything else around it makes you question your loyalty as a viewer, and makes you take a deep breath and try to put the puzzle pieces together.

I’m not going to explain the plot. If you’ve seen the trailer, you know its a family on vacation that gets home invaded by people that look exactly like them (dopplegangers). Obviously, there’s a little more too it, but that is better experienced in the theater. But I encourage you to watch closely. Usually I say twists work best if you aren’t thinking too hard, but with this film, I encourage you to watch carefully from the beginning, so that you understand most of what is going on. You’ll see the twist coming but so what? You need to understand the messages more. What does it mean to have a soul? What does it mean to be human? These messages have been told time and again in countless movies, but this one does it so uniquely you’ll think the idea is wholly original again. It’s quite brilliant, and I have a feeling the more I re watch this film, the more I’m going to love it. It literally has everything a horror/thriller fan could want in a movie.

It’s too early in the year to really predict this, but I say give a nomination to Lupita Nyong’o at next years Academy Awards. She obviously plays dual roles due to the doppleganger plot, but she plays them so distinctively well that she might’ve pulled off one of the greatest horror performances of all time. She is THAT FUCKING GOOD in it. I know she has already won a supporting actress Oscar for 12 Years A Slave, but this performance is about a billion times better than that one that I wouldn’t mind her winning another award. Everybody else is good too. Her children have some of the best horror acting you could ask for. Her husband played by Black Panther’s Winston Duke is good and brings the perfect amount of comic relief you are needing with a film like this. And even Elizabeth Moss gets a small yet juicy part. The acting is there, the thrills are there, the scares are there, the camera work is there, the cinematography is there, the direction is there. It is near perfect. Oh forgot to mention the use of music. Brilliant, especially in the “final fight” scene. The new rendition of “I’ve Got Five On It” will be stuck in my brain for weeks.

My one complaint from the whole film being perfect? I thought that one of the doppleganger’s monologue at the end explained a little too much of what was going on. Half way through her short speech I was sinking in my chair praying, “Please stop talking…” The film had already given me a bunch of context clues to piece together what was happening. I didn’t need an explanation trying to make things a bit clearer. Thankfully, the monologue didn’t last long, and I breathed out a sigh of relief, knowing that I could still piece together what happened after I left the theater (which I have). If you are one of those people that needs everything handed to you on a silver platter explanation wise, this movie isn’t for you. If you like piecing together shit with ambigious context clues, this movie is an awesome mind trip. I can’t believe Jordan Peele has done it again. And to think he said that he is going to stick to the horror genre for the time being. That should excite us.

Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: TRIPLE FRONTIER (Netflix)

TRIPLE FRONTIER is a movie that would’ve killed it in theaters in the mid 90s, it probably would’ve been a Jerry Bruckheimer production, and Nicolas Cage, Sylvester Stallong, Arnold Swarzenegger, Jean Clean Van Damme, and (insert any name I forgot here) probably would’ve been on the team. However, it is now a Netflix film, a pretty solid one at that, and it stars our generation of actors with the likes of Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garret Hedlund, and Pedro Pascal. This movie has been in the making since 2010, since a bunch of stars names have come and gone when production kept getting delayed and delayed. But now it’s here, and instead of risking itself to be lost in the crowd of countless unoriginal remakes, sequels, and superhero films, Netflix has decided to drop it on their platform, and I think that will be the best decision the filmmakers ever had.

When it comes to Netflix, their television productions I have always found 80/20 solid, but with their original films, I’ve always felt the exact opposite. Other than Roma, Mudbound, and maybe Pumpkin and When We First Met, name me another solid Netflix film. Go head. We’ve gotten clunkers like Mute and The Cloverfield Paradox, and countless others I haven’t even tried because the reviews on them have been mediocre to worse. Thankfully Triple Frontier is a step in the right direction. With more films like this, Netflix has a chance to really one up the ‘Spielbergs’ of the world and prove that their platform is not something to mess with. Countless people could stay at home and be able to enjoy a movie in the comfort of their own home without having to deal with the idiot nimrods that talk, text, and do other annoying shit in theaters. While Triple Frontier would be just as enjoyable in a theater, I loved that I got to watch it on release at home with a big TV and decent sound system. But that’s probably a debate that won’t be settled anytime soon so let’s get to the actual movie.

While Triple Frontier is referring to the tri-border area along the junction of Brazil, Argentina and Paraquay, where the Iguazu and Parana rivers meet, the movie is about 5 men retired from the military that go find a drug lord there, steal his money in a heist type scenario, kill just him with no other casualties, and make it out alive. Needless to say I don’t need to say much more in terms of plot, other than their plan obviously doesn’t go that smoothly. I found the movie to be quite unpredictable, namely who ends up dying or surviving and possible betrayals, but every step of the way the movie went in another direction, and I appreciated the journey into the unknown and unseen. I guess you could call this an action movie, but there is only action where it needs to be, spread out appropriately and not every two minutes like a Michael Bay film for the sake of extending screen time or providing the audience with eye popping cool CGI bukake.

The acting is all there, with everyone bringing everything to the table, with Affleck even looking like he was wanting to be there, his first sign of a heartbeat since he honestly tried his best in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. And at this point I’m pretty sure Oscar Isaac can act in anything that he God damn wants to. He is very versatile. The movie has a solid two hour run time, very entertaining, and like I said earlier, unpredictable. You feel for these characters as they are trying to get out of a hot zone, and every step that they make you either wince or yell in triumph. The movie is also very nice to look at, since they shot on actual locations and I couldn’t detect one screen screen shot in the entire run time. The movie is nicely directed by J.C. Chandor, whose other three films, Margin Call, A Most Violent Year, and All Is Lost, are all pretty solid themselves.

Your enjoyment and viewing experience might depend on how you watch this film. Definitely don’t watch it on a phone or really small television. Those theatrical enthusiasts could probably argue that this movie is best seen in a theater, and while I would agree with them, I think if you have a decent sized television and a half way decent sound coming out of it, you will probably find it as enjoyable as I did. Triple Frontier is a good old fashioned action/thriller that is better than average due to its unpredictability and realistic storytelling choices. What more do you want? An even better question, why can’t we get more stuff like this?

Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: CAPTAIN MARVEL (no spoilers)

DISCLAIMER: (because I have to do this with the butthurters nowadays with a film like this) Any criticisms I give to the following film CAPTAIN MARVEL in my review, are in no way, shape, or form, have to do with the fact in that this is the MCU’s first female superhero led film. In fact, I think we should get more female driven superhero films, as long as they are made correctly. I am not a misogynist, I am married and have a loving and awesome wife, and ANY CRITICISMS WHATSOEVER I HAVE WITH THIS FILM HAVE TO DO WITH A STORYTELLING OR SCRIPT LEVEL AND DOES NOT HAVE TO DO WITH BRIE LARSON OR ANY FEMALE LED SUPERHERO FILM. Jesus Christ, it’s sad that I have to do that eh? Let’s get down to brass taxes and first go with my summary of Captain Marvel as a whole: I quite enjoyed it, however, in the whole spectrum of all 21 MCU films we have gotten to date, it is not one of the higher tier ones, like the first Iron Man, the first Avengers, the first Guardians, or Infinity War, yet it is not one of the lower tier ones like Thor: The Dark World, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, or The Incredible Hulk. It is somewhere in the middle, resting its good not great addition to the universe head along with its buddies such as Black Panther, Ant-Man, Guardians 2, or Doctor Strange.

I will star this off by saying that contrary to reports that Brie Larson is wooden in the Captain Marvel role (I think some people are just trolling and saying it even when they haven’t seen it yet), I assure you, she is not. She is very likable in this and in fact I think she knew that the script itself had some problems (there are 3 screenwriters, and 5 people get a story by credit) and she added her own cute little quirks and mannerisms to the role. I think with the right script and a more focused characterization Brie Larson could be a masterful superhero. But she is quite good with what she was given. In fact, everyone is good. Jude Law is good. Samuel L. Jackson is the man. Ben Mendelsohn nearly steals the movie. The very lackluster trailers and tv spots don’t showcase the good film that Disney/Marvel have on their hands here. In fact, if you look at all the other trailers, they don’t really sell their films anymore. They might need to hire better people that can cut a decent marketing campaign.

I was never once bored and looked at my cell phone clock with this movie, I was entertained throughout the whole thing. But the movie does have several issues and it all boils down to one notion, something that I knew was coming a long time ago, but is finally starting to seek through the cracks: Marvel’s Origin Story formula is starting to shake and if they aren’t careful, will soon crumble and fall like half of the DCEU’s slate. The entire movie is 200% predictable. It’s “twists” are 200% predictable (it does one “oh it was really this/him/her the whole time gimmick we’ve seen done in 100,000 movies before it). You can probably even fucking guess what the mid and end credits scenes are, that’s how predictable this thing is. Here’s a true, in my opinion, fact: Captain Marvel should’ve been introduced in Phase 1 or 2 of the MCU, should’ve already had one sequel by now with that story showing what happened with what she does at the end of this movie, and it wouldn’t have felt like this was shoe horned in right before Avengers: Endgame.

Because it is. Because you can feel it. Because everything feels rushed. Obviously you’ve seen from the trailers that Brie Larson has amnesia and is starting to remember things of where she may have had a life on Earth before becoming a Kree. The film feels too fast paced that, when she eventually remembers some stuff and comes face to face with some long lost family and friends, I didn’t feel anything. Like the confrontations that she is thrust into should’ve had more power, brevity, and levity. And it didn’t. It’s just like, “oh hi, don’t know you much, I know that I used to and we used to be two peas in a pod, well, I’m back, nice to meet ya.” Films need to have a giant emotional impact. If the film had focused on her amnesia stuff maybe just a few minutes longer, like 10 to 15, those scenes would’ve felt earned, not forced. The main issue is that there is just wayyy too much story stuffed into a medium box of 2 hrs, just in service to quickly get an origin story out of the way so she can be a bad ass motherfucker in Avengers: Endgame.

The movies got the Kree, old characters you saw in Guardians 1, a strange cat named Goose, amnesia problems, long gestating wars, witty banter, reunions, betrayals, double crosses, triple crosses, just too much that the script is a little shaky on its foundation and bounced off the wall too much at times. And near the end, kind of like the problem Black Panther had, its CGI is a little troublesome. And while the action is fun, but not that memorable. Oh, and one more AND to the million I have said already, the movie has still has got the Marvel villain problem (you’ll see). While the movie was wayyyy too late in the making, its just fortunate that it wasn’t a disaster, is watchable, and is enjoyable. The real star of the movie is the de-ageing effects on one Samuel L. Jackson. Fucking seemless, I couldn’t believe it, he actually looks like he just stepped out of his role in the 90s film The Negotiator (from which they based his de-ageing on) and hasn’t skipped a beat.

So anyway, in summation, Captain Marvel is a solid, good, yet not great addition to the MCU. I did enjoy myself sitting in the theater experiencing it. And none of it has to do with the fact that it is a female driven superhero film. All the problems are in the script, the story, and two directors who have directed a handful of episodes of Billions and The Affair, and two indie features films (Half Nelson and It’s Kind of A Funny Story) that I thought were way out of their element here. If we could get a solid script and better directors, and a focused pace, we could get a sequel that is truly special. A true sequel, not just Avengers: Endgame. Oh, btw, if the opening Marvel logo/credits don’t make you tear up and want to applaud, you aren’t human.


HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: THE HIDDEN WORLD, to be blatant, is very simple and harmless. After watching the second film, I imagined what the trilogy capper could end up being 5 years ago (yes, the second one was 2014 believe it or not), and I was in the ballpark with my guess: one last ditch effort of trying to harmonize humans and dragons, a evil douchebag standing in their way, and a female Fury (no, I didn’t guess that it would be white/light). I think I was more prepared going into it not expecting something that was too complicated or expecting any world changing revelations. I expected a decent story to end the franchise, I expected to be better than the 2nd film, and I expected to be entertained. I got all three, so there really are going to be no complaints on this film from me.

If there are any complaints it is just going to be me, right now in my review, bitching about the second film. The second film isn’t that memorable. In fact, I think I’ve maybe seen it once again since the theater and can only remember that Hiccup’s dad was ‘shockingly’ killed off, Hiccup’s mom was still alive, and they defeated a villain hellbent on either destroying dragons or using them for ultimate power. The first film I remember the most, from its amazing Academy Award nominated score, to its unique and funny storyline. They could’ve honestly just have never done another Dragon sequel after that because it is a solid masterpiece of a solo animated kids film. But Hollywood because money, am I right? However, one of the best compliments I can give this film is that IT ENDS IT, even the marketing advertises it as being the last installment, and it looks like it is keeping its promise.

I hope so, because I can’t imagine where the story could go if they made a 4th. But what am I saying, Hollywood will want to reboot this in ten years, and then just make Hiccup’s descendants or something part of that reboot and it’ll just end up being a Force Awakens effect of a ‘sequelboot.’ God, I fucking hope not. I’m hoping in ten years this rebooting/remake fad will have run its course and we’ll move on to something else maybe less annoying but more original? Who am I kidding? This review has gotten off track, I know, but I really don’t have much to say on the film, just what I said at the beginning, its simple and harmless, and managed to entertain me, and it was more memorable because of all the female Light Fury stuff.

And to give it a few more props: The villain was definitely more memorable this time out, actually being a smart douchebag for once and voiced with passion by F. Murray Abraham. There actually felt like a legitimizing threat in the world of the dragons. The animation as always is fantastic, in fact, one part where Hiccup and Astrid go to this gorgeous, huge waterfall, the waterfall looked incredibly real and so did Hiccup and Astrid flying on a dragon in the distance. The voice work is again all excellent from everyone the only distracting thing was noticing how T.J. Miller wasn’t voicing Tuffnut anymore. (I shouldn’t have to explain to you why.) Another complaint I guess I could pull out of thin air for this film is that, like the 2nd one, the score seems to just be recycled yet again with a couple of extra notes here and there.

But yes, this was a good trilogy capper, and if you are obsessed with the How To Train Your Dragon movies, you are going to love this, and want three specific Funko Pop Vinyls of characters near the end of the film. There is nothing wrong with this film. It isn’t boring in any way, I was entertained for the most part, and it didn’t take and risks or try to negatively subvert expectations. It’s a fantastic family film. But now it seems the dragons are trained…so time to let them off the leash, wouldn’t you agree?

Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: ISN’T IT ROMANTIC?

ISN’T IT ROMANTIC had the potential to be something that could really poke fun at, yet homage all the romantic comedies we’ve seen time and again and still get made to this day. While it wasn’t the disaster I thought it would be, I don’t feel like it tried hard enough to poke fun at everything and instead at times fell into more of the pit falls that hurt those kinds of films. In the end, I feel like it was a decent one time watch, and that maybe someone down the line will watch this film, and decide to make a better one. I have to admit, it wasn’t as agonizingly dumb like the stupid parody films we’ve gotten in recent years like Date Movie, Epic Movie, Meet The Spartans, Superhero Movie, Disaster Movie or anything like that, but it should’ve dug deeper into the subject matter and maybe given us a film more akin to Airplane! or Top Secret! instead.

If you live in a tree and don’t know what Isn’t It Romantic? is about, it is supposed to take the romantic comedy formula, spin it on it’s head, make fun of it, and come to a more realistic conclusion based more in reality. Rebel Wilson stars as an architect that just can’t catch a break in her job or love life, and after she bangs her head in a mugging incident, she wakes up in a world where everything adheres to the rom-com rules of the movies. The movie outright make fun of those films by having Wilson’s character be bleeped whenever she tries to say the F word, and not showing the sex between her and Liam Hemsworth characters, and it also has nice little subtle touches that I enjoyed more such as pretty flowers being absolutely everywhere and little Easter Egg road signs about engagement and marriage.

The movie tries to be more realistic when it isn’t in the fantasy world, such as stating that New York really is not that great to look at and smells of shit, but it doesn’t take it to that realistic level it needed to be at for me. Her little thing with Adam Devine in the real world still reeks of movie cliched dialogue and tropes and the ending, ending (going into the credits) really missed the opportunity to be more realistic. It instead just threw the pages of the screenplay up into the air and just shrugged off everything that it tried to establish before and decided to have a non charming song and annoying dance number. The whole film needed to have more scenes like when Rebel Wilson is about to try on a bunch of clothes for a date with Hemsworth and she goes on about not doing a “trying on clothes” montage, and then THEY DON’T DO THE MONTAGE! More of that would’ve been fantastic, but the jokes don’t hit as often as they should.

I’ll also give the film some props: this is the first film where I wasn’t annoyed at all by Rebel Wilson’s character. She still does her improve that somehow works, but it is now all incorporated into a normal character that the audience can relate to. Rebel Wilson isn’t just screaming lines in this and spouting off nonsense, it looks like she wanted to take this comedy a little bit more seriously to branch out of her type cast of the not so pitch perfect films she has done before. Adam Devine proves that he is still an underrated comedian and should be in more things and Liam Hemsworth proves that, like his brother, he should be in more comedies to stretch out his talent. One actress I did not like in this was Priyanka Chopra. I’ve never thought she was a good actress, and in this her improv skills are…lacking, for lack of a better and meaner word. She has always been just eye candy to me and in this she doesn’t show anymore range. She was awful in this as much as she was in Baywatch. I never watched Quantico, but I’m guessing her career is going be way of Kate Hudson more than anything.

Anyway, my wife liked this film more than I did, and I have a feeling most women will eat this up, but to me, I watched it once, and that was enough. I’m thanking God it wasn’t a disaster like other parody films we have gotten in the recent age, but wished it was smarter like some parody films we got a long long time ago now. There just wasn’t enough poking fun of rom-coms for me. It should’ve been a joke a second, when it was more like a joke every couple of minutes. The run time of this is extremely short, only 84-86 minutes, and parts of it felt slow, which should not happen in films like these. Anyway, I just look at this as a little bit of a missed opportunity, but I didn’t want to rip my eyes or ears off. I think you’ll like it more if you are familiar with the movies it makes fun of. Also, if you do see it, see it on a romantic date… you might get a little more out of it than if you go alone.